AUDI R8 V10 (2015+) TUNING

Litchfield are able to OBD tune the brilliant Audi R8 V10 on both Standard 540PS / 532BHp and Plus 610PS / 602BHp models. The great news is that we can take both versions to a significant 630PS / 622BHp when coupled with a high quality exhaust system.

The gains are most startling on the standard R8 V10 non-Plus model, our development car produced initial figures of 523PS / 516BHp on 99 octane fuel which took its real-world gains for Stage 2 to over 100bhp!


Stage 1

After significant work on the dyno and road, we have created a calibration for the R8 V10 which provides your car with a significant performance lift without sacrificing the driveability and smooth nature of the V10 engine.

Our Stage 1 upgrade will provide a large, safe power increase for the 540PS / 533bhp standard V10 model to around 610PS / 600Bhp. We are still evaluating the increases on the Plus model, with its different exhaust and larger intake, but we would expect another 15-20bhp over standard with improved torque throughout the rev range.

OBD programming through the on-board diagnostic port means we can easily tune, or revert the ECUs back to standard, without having to remove them from the vehicle.


Stage 1 Remap £1000.00


Stage 2

Stage 2 utilises a high-flow replacement exhaust system from either Remus or Akrapovic. Both exhaust systems utilise the standard on-board electronics to vacuum control the integrated valves. A further remap allows us the use the better flow of the exhaust system to give the full 630PS / 622BHp on the standard V10.

We would not necessarily expect much of a power gain over Stage 1 on the plus model as it already has a different exhaust. However the sound (when the valves are open) will be significantly enhanced. The Remus or Akrapovic exhaust are available as a mail order items and, due to the complexity of the R8, take 12 hours to fit.

Stage 2 with Remus vs Standard



Stage 2 Package (Remus Sports Label Racing) £3563.00

Stage 2 Package (Akrapovic Slip-on Line) £7300.00



Please note that our quoted figures are based on 99 octane pump fuel without any additives.