Most successful businesses can trace their heritage back to the passion of its founder. 20 years on and Litchfield has grown into an established and well-respected industry name with 20 equally focused team members.

To celebrate this feat Litchfield is proud to introduce the GT-R LM20.

We've followed the same technical brief as our legendary Impreza Type-25; Produce a sublime new road car, which perfectly combines everyday usability with hyper car performance. We already know the Nissan GT-R is a Supercar in all but the price tag and now the LM20 takes GT-R performance into an elite category.

Each aspect of the car has been honed without compromise and benefits from our years of experience in upgrading these incredible machines.

With just 20 cars being produced, we believe the LM20 has all the ingredients required to forge another legend.

The Autosport International Show 2017 provided the perfect opportunity to reveal the LM20 to the world.



675 PS provides the headline number but only hints at the performance available at any moment. 500 lb-ft at just 2,100 rpm and 600 lb-ft at 2,500 rpm - 5,100 rpm frame the instant torque available and demonstrates just how broad the LM20 power band is.

Our years of experience with GT-R enhancement have created a choice list of modifications. These improve the way the engine breathes and delivers fuel and combined with painstaking attention to detail within its multiple ECU calibrations results in enhanced power, efficiency and economy.

Free from its original shackles, Nissan's masterpiece of an engine can realise its true potential.

0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, 0-100mph in 5.7 seconds and a 200mph+ top speed show how far road car performance has come.

Producing a car with this engine power requires careful control at its heart so that maximum performance can be extracted in any conditions. The dynamics and power delivery of the LM20 can be tailored in an instance.

The unique Litchfield stability control strategy along with our advanced traction control system combines to produce staggering cross country and track dynamics. Strategies that along with fuel octane and power levels that can be changed on the fly from either the steering wheel or iOS device.



The LM20’s chassis uses an enhanced version of our bespoke Bilstein Damptronic suspension along with custom Eibach springs and anti-roll bar. With a broader depth of adjustment this gives the LM20 a more comfortable highway cruise and sharper, more predictable, handling on track. Further improvements come from our front handling kit, which drastically improves the GT-Rs front geometry leading to more front grip and driver feedback through the Alcantara steering wheel.

Ultra-lightweight Rays Track Edition wheels are shrouded in wider Michelin tyres for outstanding all weather performance.

Brake performance is handled by larger diameter 400mm Alcon front and rear discs for improved cooling and stopping leverage. Lightweight aluminium bells reduce unsprung and rotational weight while braided brake lines ensure a precise and feel-some pedal. A choice of brake pads provides exceptional stopping power whenever needed.

Carbon fibre exterior enhancements offer improved aerodynamics and cooling whilst adding subtle aggression.

With our comprehensive understanding, the original GT-R quality, our workmanship and enhanced components allow us to confidently provide a 3-year warranty and breakdown cover. The warranty even covers official GTR Owner’s Club Track days.

Such performance needs the care and experience of the finest technicians using the best equipment and fluids. This priceless service carries no cost thanks to our 3-year free servicing schedule.

The Litchfield LM20 has been designed and produced in the UK to ensure the finest fit and finish. A limited production special that celebrates performance without compromise.



POWER675 PS (666 bhp)


833 nm @ 2,100 rpm (615 lb-ft)
 813 nm @ 2,500-5,100 rpm (600 lb-ft)


2.5 secs 0-60 mph
 5.7 secs 0-100 mph  


203 mph  



ENGINELitchfield 102 mm exhaust system with Sports Cats
 Cast turbo downpipes
 Larger fuel injectors
 High flow fuel pumps
 Litchfield air intake kit
 Litchfield boost hoses
 Litchfield intercooler
 Litchfield Version 6 custom ECU calibration
 4 switchable maps for fuel octane
 Adjustable boost levels
 iPhone/iPad connectivity
 Upgraded gearbox software
SUSPENSIONLitchfield/Bilstein Damptronic
 Custom Eibach springs and anti-roll bar
BRAKES400 mm Alcon front rotors with lightweight bells
 380 mm Alcon rear rotors
 Upgraded brake pads front and rear
 Goodridge braided brake lines
 Litchfield silver brake calipers


Lightweight RAYS Volk Racing TE37


Michelin Pilot Sport 4


Litchfield carbon front lip spoiler
 Litchfield carbon front grille blade
 Litchfield carbon rear spoiler extension
 Litchfield carbon rear bumper vents
INTERIORAlcantara steering wheel with red band
 Unique badging with internal build number plaque
 Optional Litchfield sport seats


Warranty - 3 Years with Breakdown cover included*

Servicing - 3 Years free servicing included*

Litchfield GT-R LM20 £98,305 OTR

Limited to 20 cars

Popular options  - metallic paint (£875), Prestige Edition (£500), Track Edition (£10,000)


*Warranty and servicing based on 36,000 miles total split into 12,000 miles annual use. Only Official GTR Owner's Club trackdays are covered and cars must be checked afterwards. Extra servicing due to trackday use may be required and will not be covered under the servicing agreement. Litchfield reserve the right to suspend or cancel the servicing and warranty plans if customers have broken the agreement. Full terms and conditions will be given on request and when the vehicle is purchased. Please note that due to new government tax rules from April 2017, the OTR price has been increased from £96,995.