We are excited to announce the development of our new Version 6 engine and gearbox map upgrades for the Nissan R35 GTR. We have once again been working closely with EcuTek to create these latest revisions of our popular ECU calibrations, which for the first time include new hardware that will transform how you interact with your GTR.

Litchfield, along with two US specialist tuners, were the first dealers to receive the new hardware for Beta testing a number of months ago. We have been thoroughly testing everything and feeding the results back to EcuTek.  

EcuTek's game-changing new hardware is called ECU Connect, available from the 9th December.

ECU Connect is a Bluetooth dongle that seamlessly connects to Apple iPhone and iPad devices (Android to follow) when plugged into the standard OBD port.

Once installed the OBD plug can be clicked back into place in the bottom of the dash with the dongle still attached leaving a neat and permament connection to the ECU.

The Ecu Connect Hardware will cost £200+Vat and postage to all our customers and hardware will work with our existing Litchfield Version 4, 5 and 5.1 tunes but to take full control it will require the latest Ecutek firmware to be installed.

Within the Apple Store you can download the free App (which can now run in demo mode) and the ECU Connect Dongle will give you the following features:

Datalogging Display and record factory and RaceROM diagnostic parameters, including engine and transmission simultaneously.

High-speed Logging rates up to 50% faster than ProECU and as fast as 200Hz on some vehicles.

RaceROM integration Driver interaction with RaceROM features (With Litchfield V6 Firmware more information below)

Performance Analyser Test and share the results online

Archive Stores log files and performance test results for sharing with tuners or friends directly from within the app

Special Tools Perform the routine service adjustments such as; Idle Air Learn, Clutch Learning, Clutch touch point adjustment, Launch counter check, ECU Resets - directly from within the app

Read & Clear DTCs Not only the engine ECU, but other modules too, such as for the TCM, ABS etc.

ECU Info Provides information about the vehicle concerned

Dealer Locator Lists all EcuTek Tuners and Master Tuners around the world; can be refined by vehicle selection

Litchfield Version 6

To utilise all of the new interactive features you will need to upgrade the firmware in the ECU. 

This is our most complete performance upgrade yet and we have worked hard to perfect our custom features and provide the safest most powerful tune for your GT-R. 

We are proud to say that once again we were the only European tuner to assist with the initial development of this new software.  With this experience it has allowed us the time to test and develop our maps using our own GT-Rs on the dyno, road and track.

Unlike the simpler example files and features, EcuTek have now released to their wider dealer network the Litchfield custom maps are completely unique, our Traction Control alone has 6 times the number of inputs/calculations.

Key Version 6 maps features:

  • Enhanced Litchfield Traction Control with dedicated Wet mode with fine adjustment from within the App.
  • Traction control Tyre selection list with in the App
  • Per gear torque control with full adjustment from the App
  • Revised safety trip maps
  • Lean cruise map for reduced fuel consumption on light loads and highway driving
  • Crisper partial throttle thanks to revised combustion control
  • Smoother gear changes from revised torque mapping
  • Improved Idle stability
  • Adjustable Pops & Bangs map
  • 4 Selectable maps for different fuel octanes
  • Adjustable Boost levels in each Map using the App
  • Adjustable Launch RPM and Boost Of The Line using the App

Increased Performance:

We already know our Version 5 maps offer excellent performance but we can always improve. We have spent a great deal of time and effort in refining these further as we take advantage of EcuTeks recent software improvements. We will release our full feature set for each Stage as we get closer to shipping the hardware as we continue to work on our cars.

Drivers can use the App to perform more convenient Data logging with just a tap of the screen and easily email the results. Data logging has been extended to log both the engine ECU and gearbox TCM at the same time. Perfect for fine tuning and faster fault finding.

The most impressive feature of ECU Connect, and the core basis for our Version 6 maps, is the ability to adjust our Customs Maps live within the App. You will now be able to tailor your setup instantly to suit road/track conditions on the fly, using simple on/off toggles and sliding adjusters to change special map features.

We will be offering these live adjustments to our new and improved traction control, pops & bangs volume and boost off the line to name a few. We are also working on some really trick new features to help those customers that like to test their GTR on track and drag strip.

Along with the hardware integration, we have taken the opportunity to apply our latest updates and test results to our Version 6 maps. These see an overall improvement in performance, throttle response and fuel consumption.

This hard work is being completed on our own GTR test cars (MY10, MY11 and MY17) on both road, dyno and circuit to ensure everything is thoroughly proven and optimised.

Litchfield Traction Control

Our Version 5 traction control system had been widely praised. However, Version 6 is on a completely different level.

We spent 2 days thoroughly testing the system at the 5.8km Paul Ricard circuit. The track features vast amounts of run off so we were confident to push our LM1 RS beyond its grip levels.

Unique to the Litchfield Traction Control system are multiple layers of custom maps that vary the level of assistance throughout each stage of a bend. Live fine tuning of the LTC’s sensitivity, acceleration, as well as a wet mode, will be available through Ecuteks’ new iPhone App.

The improvements are pretty astonishing. You can get on the throttle earlier with just the right amount of power delivered to the wheels so that the tyres balance on the edge of grip. Even in the lower gears the power never feels blunted or restricted, instead the car feels like it has amazing grip through the bend and excellent traction under acceleration.

Version 6 costs:

To upgrade to Version 6 we would like to have the car at our workshop so we can double check the setup in person.  If customers have ProEcu cables and can’t make it to us please contact us as we will need to schedule a decent period of time to remote tune your car.

The Stage upgrade price for Version 6 is £200+vat and this is the same whether you have an older Version 4 or 5 tune as it requires a completely fresh remap.  Some of our more recent Version 5.1 maps have had some of the new work already included. This will save us time to map so these will be priced accordingly.

From now on all new Stage upgrade maps will feature the Version 6 calibration software and will include the ECU Connect firmware so there will be a free update available should you decide to purchase the hardware at a later day. This is the same for customers who currently have Android devices.  Once Ecutek release the Android APP we will offer a free update to any customer with our Version 6 maps installed.

The price for new Version 6 software and custom mapping remains the same at £500+vat

If you already have an EcuTek Licence in your ECU but would like a Litchfield custom calibration then we charge £350+vat

If you would like to have the car fine-tuned on our Maha MSR dyno we charge this separately so let us know if you would like to schedule some time on the dyno. Some customers will require different tuning or extra features so please contact us to see how we can tailor our calibrations to suit your car, for example Flex Fuel setup or separate Race fuel maps. There may be additional charges for the extra time required.

Please contact us using the form below to register your interest in an ECU Connect device.




ECU Connect Example Screenshots: