C63 tuning


(C/S/W205: 2015- )

Following on from our successful Mercedes C63 AMG (W204) tuning, we were very excited to start tuning the new turbo-charged V8 in the C63 W205. As the new engine has forced-induction we are able to obtain significant power gains with the Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust giving the sound to match the performance.

Tuning Box

Litchfield are able to supply two solutions to remap your C63. The first is a Tuning Box - the cheapest, most popular, quickest and simplest solution for extra power. Due to the layout of the engine bay it normally takes around 4 to 5 hours to fit, however the wait is worth it as it lifts power by 75 bhp and torque by 100 lbft on the C63. The C63S has gains of 50 bhp and 70 lbft.

Please note that due to the complexity of the installation, we will only fit this Tuning Box on site and they are not available for mail order

Mercedes C63 Powergraph

Tuning Box

£760.00 ex VAT

Stage 1 - ECU Remap

The next option for the C63 is our Stage 1 full ECU remap. This requires the car to be left with us for two days. Courtesy cars or transport collection are available with prior booking. The ECU must be removed from the vehicle before mapping can begin and it's location in the engine bay makes this difficult. Once the ECU has been re-installed then we can OBD tune the car on both the road and the dyno. We would normally expect the car to make 100 bhp and 105 lbft over standard.

Stage 1 - ECU Remap

£1,100.00 ex VAT

Stage 2 - ECU Remap with Akrapovic Evolution exhaust

Stage 2 for the C63 AMG is based around the excellent Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust with a remap to suit. The exhaust is made from specially developed ultra-lightweight titanium alloys and finished with hand-crafted matte carbon fibre tailpipes. It saves a huge 13 kg over the original exhaust and is a direct replacement for both standard and performance versions. If the car is not fitted with the Mercedes performance exhaust then an extra Valve Actuator Kit is mandatory. There is also an Akrapovic sound kit available for the C63 (W205), however this is not needed if the car is already fitted with an exhaust valve button.

The Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium) is available as a separate upgrade on it's own, is ECE type approved and will give the car a further 8 bhp and 20 lbft. With the Litchfield stage 2 remap the car will gain an extra 120 bhp and 140 lbft. We would expect the exhaust to take 4 hours to fit.

Akrapovic Evolution Line

£4,792.00 ex VAT

Akrapovic Valve Actuator Kit (for cars without Performance exhaust)

£477.36 ex VAT

Akrapovic Sound Kit (for cars without exhaust valve button)

£312.66 ex VAT

Litchfield Stage 2 (fitted) without Sound or Valve kits

£6,152.00 ex VAT

C63 dyno tuning
C63 Akrapovic Evo