Alpine A110 Tuning

Here at Litchfield we like to think we know a good car when we see one and when the Alpine A110 was announced we were quick to put a deposit down. We received the first car to come out of our local Alpine dealer and we have been enjoying this incredible car ever since. The Alpine has gone on to receive stellar reviews and critical acclaim so looking at areas where the car and the driving experience could be improved was going to be difficult but the work our team have done has transformed the cars performance, ride and handling.

We are able to OBD tune the brilliant A110 1.8 TcE engine and not only improve the engines power and torque but also enhance its driveability and throttle response. With the cars light kerb weight even modest performance gains are magnified. New for 2022 is our gearbox ECU calibration with further improves the engine performance, gear selection and power delivery. The gearbox calibration is included as part of our Alpine tuning pack and also available as part of our 2022 update for existing customer.

MY22+ Alpine A110 models have an updated ECU which limits engine torque but power increase are still available.  We are currently working on a solution to give the same increases as the earlier MY17-MY21 models.

For more information on our Alpine's development, please keep an eye on our blog

Stage 1 - 310 PS / 305 BHP

After significant work on the dyno, road and along with data collection on track. We have developed a new calibration that transforms the A110 performance. 2022 sees our Alpine tuning further enhanced when working in conjunction with our gearbox calibration.

Programming of the ECU can be completed through the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port so more time can be spent on honing the calibration. It also means we can revert the car back to standard at any time by uploading the original file.

Our revised Stage 1 upgrade lifts power significantly to 310PS / 305bhp (+56bhp) and 306lbft/415Nm (+70lbft) without sacrificing the driveability and smooth power delivery of the engine.  The new gearbox calibration refines the Launch control strategy to suit the new power along with improvements in shift response and torque control.

With the Litchfield Stage1 installed the Alpine now has the power to match its sublime chassis.


Stage 1 (Engine & Gearbox)

£600.00 exc VAT

£720.00 inc VAT

2022 Software Upgrade

Upgrade of engine & gearbox software for existing customers with previous Litchfield Stage 1 tune

£250.00 exc VAT

£300.00 inc VAT

Litchfield / Nitron Alpine A110 suspension kit

Nitron Race suspension systems are the UK’s premiere suspension manufacturer and as well as numerous competition success are also OE suppliers to companies such as Lotus.

The Nitron version of our suspension kit uses same damper internal setup as our Bilstein kit so the exceptional ride and handling characteristics remain. However because these Nitron’s use their R1 2-way damper design they have an increased range of 24 clicks to offer even finer control.

The Nitron Damper bodies also have adjustment to change the length so combined with the adjustable spring platform we can offer even great ride height options.

The Litchfield / Nitron dampers use our custom internal valving and springs to provide a significant improvement to ride quality and chassis control. During testing, and in particular our Nurburgring trips, we found the original A110 suspension body control to become out of sync and unstable when having to contend is high frequency bumps and sudden movements. The original suspension would lean excessively into long sweeping bends and not control the body if it suddenly needed to switch direction. This is one of the reasons the A110 S features stiffer springs and anti-roll bars. However using a high quality damper and revised springs we are able to keep the smooth and comfortable ride quality as well as control the mass of the car through sudden direction changes.

Contact us now about how our Nitron setup might suit your needs.


Litchfield / Nitron Alpine A110 Suspension Kit - Fitted with Corner Weighting and Fast Road Wheel Alignment

£3,774.00 exc VAT

£4,528.80 inc VAT