Alpine A110 Tuning

Here at Litchfield we like to think we know a good car when we see one and when the Alpine A110 was announced, we were quick to put a deposit down. We received the first car to come out of our local Alpine dealer and we have been enjoying this incredible car ever since. The Alpine has gone on to receive stellar reviews and so looking at areas where the car and the driving experience could be improved was going to be difficult, but the work our team have done so far has transformed the car's performance.

We are able to OBD tune the brilliant A110 1.8 TcE engine and not only improve the engine's power and torque but also enhance its driveability and throttle response. With the car's light kerb weight even modest performance gains are magnified.

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Stage 1 - 300 PS / 296 BHP

After significant work on the dyno, road and along with data collection on track, we have developed a new calibration that transforms the A110 performance.

Programming of the ECU can be completed through the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port so more time can be spent on honing the calibration. It also means we can revert the car back to standard at any time by uploading the original file.

Our Stage 1 upgrade lifts power significantly to 296 bhp (300 ps) and 290 lbft. That's an increase of 47 bhp and 54 lbft without sacrificing the driveability and smooth power delivery of the engine.

With the Litchfield Stage1 installed the Alpine now has the power to match its sublime chassis.

The Stage 1 upgrade also comes with our comprehensive engine warranty that allows owners to upgrade with confidence.


Stage 1

£995.00 ex VAT

£1,194.00 inc VAT