The Mercedes-AMG A45 has received a number of very positive reviews since its release, but one of the few criticisms seems to be that it lacks some of the ‘fun’ of its rivals. We can change that.

We offer a range of proven performance upgrades that will transform the power delivery and thrill of driving your A45. Although available separately, we combined the most popular options into our simple Stage upgrade path. From our popular Stage 1 plug and play box to producing the UK's fastest A45 with Stage 3 we have the all the options covered.



Stage 1 consists simply of our successful tuning box, which lifts power and torque considerably. Our tuning box simply installs with its plug and play connectors, meaning that it can be reverted back to standard just as quickly.

Expect a power increase from the standard 360bhp to 400-410bhp and torque increases to 400-410lbft.

Our programmable box means we have the option to further refine the calibration on our Maha dyno (the same one used by Mercedes).

Compatible on both the original and late A45 models

Stage 1

£500.00 ex VAT


Our Stage 2 upgrade consists of our tuning box and a large bore intake pipe. This removes the restriction in the standard air box and replaces it with a large intake and high flow filter.

Power increases to 410-420bhp with 410-415lbft torque.

Stage 2

Package includes:

Litchfield Tuning box

Litchfield intake kit

Labour to install (1 hour)

£760.00 ex VAT

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image 2


For Stage 3 upgrades we fit a significantly larger stainless steel downpipe. This removes the catalytic convertor, so we would only recommended this for track use. Removing the restriction of the catalytic convertor allows the turbo to spool quickly and produce more top end power.

This upgrade also requires the original ECU to be fully recalibrated to provide the very best tune and to safely use the increased flow the new exhaust provides.

Power increases to 435-445bhp with 430-440lbft

Stage 3

Package includes:

Litchfield intake kit - £192.00

Litchfield Downpipe - £995.00

Labour to install (3 hours) - £195.00

Stage 3 full ECU remap - £995.00

£2380.00 ex. VAT

£2856.00 inc. VAT