Starting his business whilst still at school with nothing more than a dream of working with sports cars, he regularly has to pinch himself when he thinks about what has been achieved. With the support and understanding of his family and, in particular, his wife Jenny, Iain and his team have gone on to create one of the most recognised brands in the performance aftermarket.

With a passion for all things automotive and an encyclopaedic memory of the industry, he has the ability to bore even the most die-hard of car enthusiasts with facts and figures. Driven by the latest engineering developments and the simple thrill of driving, Iain has built this family business on great customer service and has created one of the very best teams of experts anywhere in the world.

Addicted to driving on track, Iain will surely find his way into a race series where he can prove just how mediocre his talents really are.

Favourite cars: Nissan GT-R, E92 M3 and Ford GT. And a Porsche Carrera T.  And a GT3. And the RS version...



Jenny joined the family business full time having had a successful career in retail management. Jenny has exceptional customer service skills and is arguably the most organised person you could ever meet, despite being surrounded with less than organised and cooperative colleagues (read husband). The daughter of a rally cross champion Jenny has performance cars in her blood, even the Litchfield family car once belonged to a WRC champion. Jenny has a more part-time role in the firm now as she helps managing the Jr Litchfield’s crazy timetable of school runs, clubs and busy social lives.



Neil worked at Litchfield 24 years ago before moving on to a senior position at Mitsubishi. He has over 28 years of sales experience in the motor industry within main dealers and local motor factors. This experience of providing customer satisfaction has made him the perfect choice for handling sales and service enquiries and is often the customer's first port of call.

Neil also helps with the car sales side of the business where his wealth of product knowledge and excellent customer care skills means he has a number of repeat clients.  Neil is a true Petrol Head and enjoys his passion for cars in his immaculate BMW E46 M3.

Neil's favorite film is Back to the Future 1 or 3, depending on the day, and he also enjoys motorbikes and the associated leather wearing.

Neil is currently in the Lancer diesel and E46 M3 clubs.


Tom completed a week’s work experience with us back in 2015. He must have liked us as he has decided to come back full time working in our office. Tom started by supporting Iain and Neil in the office by answering customer enquires over the phone and email. Tom has excelled with us thanks to his passion for cars and excellent customer care skills. Tom has gained an in-depth understanding of our services and products, his friendly nature and excellent customer skills means he is able to look after clients from the simplest service booking all the way through to large builds. Over the years Tom has progressed to become our Service Manager where he helps coordinate the workshop and parts department to meet our customer’s needs

A true car enthusiast he enjoys track days and recently spent the day with British Touring Car ace, Jake Hill, having training in our Yaris GR.

Customers are always welcome talk to us face to face but be warned, speaking to Tom will result in a conversations about his Nitron equipped Megane 250 RS, Manchester United or renovating his first house. Tom regularly plays centre back for his local football team but excels in the midfield when playing with Iain and Riley in their league matches.

RILEY - Service Advisor

Riley joined the team in 2021 but he and his family have been friends of the Litchfield’s since they first moved to the Cheltenham area many years ago. Riley originally came from the local VW dealership where he had worked his way up to a Service Advisory role. His gentle and polite manner made him the ideal person to help improve our office and customer service. Riley is a University graduate with excellent organisational skills and has quickly become a key member of the office team. Here he joins Neil, Tom and Iain where he is on hand to help customers with bookings and service/sales enquires. In 2023 Riley has taken a more hands on role helping to run our popular Body Shop diary and keeping customers up to date with progress on their pride and joy.

A ‘car guy’ like the rest of his family, Riley drives his tuned VW Scirocco but in his garage lives his beloved 1976 Dodge Pickup truck which he is slowly rebuilding into concourse condition.

Riley is a talented footballer with a wand of a left foot means he plays regularly for different teams including helping to carry Iain and Tom in their weekly league games.



Tim has been doing the company accounts for over 20 years and likes to keep a prudent eye over company spending. Along with his extensive accounting knowledge, Tim also enjoys his cars. He has owned an extensively modified Nissan GTI-R, two Impreza STis an E92 M3 and various Renault Sports.



Starting with us in 2018 Caroline has quickly become an invaluable member of the team and is superb at keeping Tim in line (she used to be a bouncer) and the finances in check. Caroline has learnt a lot during her time with us but still cannot believe the price of some of the cars we get to look after.

When not at work, Caroline enjoys spending quality time with her family and maybe the odd round of golf.


Ryan joined Litchfield in 2015 from a local sports car specialist. His background is in Audi as a Master Technician and he loves everything VAG. He has created a number of show cars that have gained various magazine features and show awards thanks to his astonishing attention to detail. He is a keen motorbike trials rider and competes in local competitions.

Ryan’s real calling is in our engine build program where his OCD can be utilised to its full potential, nothing makes him happier than measuring, adjusting, machining and ultimately perfecting our engine builds. Ryan has built a formidable team of specialists that help him build our performance engines efficiently.


Jim joined us at the beginning of 2020 and has extensive history in engineering and MOT trading along with his extroverted and bubbly personality meant that he has quickly found his place within the workshop.

Jim can be found fabricating, machining, carrying out research and development projects. If we need new prototype parts whether it’s designing a new exhaust for our Porsche GT4 or engine internals for the BMW M4, Jim is our go to person. Along with the rest of the engineering team he quickly produces samples for testing and liaises with suppliers for production parts.

In his spare time, Jim has built an ‘award winning’ classic 1950s Chevy van and enjoys spending time with family. He also likes to organise ‘KFC nights’ where team members work on their own cars of an evening. His dream car is a 1955 Chevy Gasser but he might be in love with our GT4.


Dean worked for Subaru before coming to work for Litchfield. He began here as a technician but has now moved to the engine room stripping and disassembling engines to an immaculate level. As Ryan’s wing man Dean helps investigate faults and prepare the components for re-assembly. Dean has become an expert in the GT-R cylinder heads, performs all aspects of building including cutting and lapping the valves and performing mild porting.

When not stripping engines, Dean enjoys his BMW M140 with appropriately fitted Akrapovic exhaust. He also enjoys travelling on exotic holidays, the most recent being his trip to Barbados, earning him the workshop nickname: Barbados Dean.


Robin is one of our senior Master Technicians and is experienced in all aspects of the motor trade, from main dealers to independent car garages. Robin is a huge car enthusiast and has built many unique Japanese and classic cars.  He has a collection of personal cars including his Reliant Robin, Datsun Bluebird and show winning classic Nissans.  This range of knowledge and enthusiasm makes Robin an essential part of the Litchfield team.  Robin tends to focus on our longer term jobs such as engine builds and turbo conversions where his skills and attention to details shine through.


Rum and Coke is his favourite drink and he can often be found destroying our workshop speakers with heavy metal noise.



Dan been with us for over 10 years and brings with him a huge amount of experience and exceptional technical ability. He has a long background at Nissan and Renault main dealer level and has been on almost every training course available leading to his attainment of Nissan and Renault Master Tech status. He regularly provides technical support at race and track events including the Silverstone 24hr race and is a keen track day and karting enthusiast in his spare time.

Dan is our resident Gearbox and ECU Calibration specialist after receiving extensive training from Dodson, Ecutek, Syvecs, Motec and Maha. Dan’s attention to detail and high standards ensure that we have thoroughly tested products and calibrations that we are proud to put our name to.

Current cars: BMW E36 M3 Track Car & Renault Clio road car



Stuart has plenty of main dealer experience becoming senior technician at Subaru and Mercedes before moving on to become Master Tech for Audi before being poached here. As our workshop manager for around 9 years, Stuart makes sure that the workshop runs efficiently and that the team have been organised. Whilst at Litchfield Stuart has received training from Porsche GB on their diagnostic equipment for which we are one of only a few independent garages to have invested in the correct tools and training.

With his meticulous care and attention he is also the ideal choice to oversee the larger projects builds along with some of the more exotic cars that pass through our care.

Some of Stuart projects having included our Nissan GT-R Track Car, developing our BMW F-Series crank hub fixes and more recently a project to updating a 996 Porsche with 991 running gear. Stuart is also currently building a VW Golf track car in his spare time.



Scott has been working as a mechanic in the motor trade for over 22 years and has a wealth of experience in engine and gearbox repairs. He is currently acting as project manager on several long term GT-R builds and helps us get around some of the interesting challenges we face when breaking new ground. Scott leads our Nurburgring car project as we look to set a new record around the famous Green Hell, a place Scott regularly enjoys himself as a keen track day goer and Nordschleife veteran. Scott is forever building project cars for himself in his spare time and no sooner has he finished one someone offers him something he can’t turn down and the whole cycle starts again much to the amusement of his colleagues!

As an avid BMW enthusiast Scott is on his 5th E46 M3 build and as this one nears completion the offers are already starting, but so far he has managed to resist...


Sam originally joined us as a Master Technician from Nissan with extensive training on their EV vehicles. Recently he been receiving training from Iain and Dan on tuning our most popular cars including the Nissan GT-R, BMW and Porsche ranges. Experienced in using our MAHA Dyno and fine tuning on the road Sam has come on extremely well and is on his way to becoming a highly proficient tuner.

In his spare time, Sam embraces the camper life with his VW Transporter and is the official head of security at Van Fest Malvern. Sam also enjoys fishing on the weekends.


Jeremy join the team in 2021 having previously been a senior Master Technician at VW. Jeremy quickly proved his skill and attention to detail and has become something of an expert on Mclaren supercars working on everything from a simple service to upgraded differentials and exhaust systems. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys working on his immaculate Mitsubishi Evo, a car he has built the engine for himself.

Jeremy is now receiving training from Ryan in our engine build room where he is excelling at assembly in our Nissan GT-R engine program.



Careful and precise, Tom focuses on insuring his service and upgrade jobs are completed to the highest possible standards with minimal fuss. Once national apprentice of the year for a large car manufacturer, Tom has achieved a great deal with us and is an excellent Technician.

Tom has a busy family schedule but when he gets some down time he is a keen gamer.


Before working at Litchfield, Jerry used to work on Subaru’s with Iain. He joined us as a technician a few years ago and now works on GT-Rs as well as the vast array of popular performance cars that we see. In this role Jerry carries out routine services, electrical rewiring and many other important jobs within the workshop.

In his spare time, Jerry has achieved a black belt in Kung Fu and one day would like to own a Ford F100 pickup.


Ethan has joined the engine team at Litchfield in 2022 after graduating from a Motor Sport engineering degree at Swansea University.   Having previously worked within the business for a course placement, we know just what an assistant his sharp mind and desire to learn would be. Ethan has already updated our engine build records with a new detailed spreadsheet system that records every aspect of a customer’s unique build.  Under the supervision of Ryan and Jeremy he quickly learnt to clean, inspect and prep engine components for assembly and along with team are able to provide our engine builds with the information and parts they require to keep this busy department running smoothly.


In his spare time Ethan likes to draw cars and refurbishing model steam engines.


Before coming to Litchfield, Jessie was an apprentice at Renault in Cheltenham with a vast array of skills despite his young age. When the dealership closed down, Jessie was highly recommended by the management so we offered him the opportunity to finish his apprenticeship. Two years later he is now a full Service Technician and one of the most promising technicians we have seen. Jessie has proven himself capable of performing even the most complex of tasks and has a real appetite to learn and has great pride in his work.

Jessie can be found in the workshop servicing vehicles, performing our stage upgrades, carrying out alignments or eating biscuits.

In his spare time, Jessie enjoys driving his Corsa and paintballing with friends and eating more biscuits! His dream car is an R34, or 32, depending on the day.


Before coming to Litchfield, Scott, aka Scott Fab, worked for Forge and Ah fabrication so we knew the standard of his work was exceptional. Now working at Litchfield, Scott can make just about anything out of metal. He can make custom parts as well as one offs to meet both our R & D and customer needs. Scott can also do machining and has previously worked on one of Ken Block’s Gymkhana cars as well as producing a number parts for top level Rallycross teams.

Scott is a car enthusiast through and through and currently drives a Megane RS and is restoring a Peugeot 106 Rallye.

The most exciting thing about Scott’s week is having a curry every Friday night.


Chris joined us in 2016 as our Logistics coordinator. He previously spent 3 years working in vehicle recovery for Gloucestershire Police and, before that, served in Her Majesty’s Forces for 15 years as a Corporal in the Royal Engineers. Regularly moving Supercars and Hyper cars around the country in our truck and trailer Chris uses his experience and attention to detail to insure everything is delivered and collected safely and efficiently.

Like all our team Chris is a true petrol head and has built and races his Nissan R32 GTR as a Veteran in the Armed Forces Race Challenge. He is now part of the 750 Motor Club and is a huge Formula 1 fan.



Before joining the team Andy ran his own successful car cleaning and detailing business. After using his services to detail customer cars we could see his keen eye for detail and dedication to the job. He soon joined us full time and as well as detailing our customer cars he also insures our vehicle storage is run smoothly and with the upmost care.

Andy loves his track days and can normally be found either on track or prepping his Renault Megane RS. His daily driver is a tuned BMW 1 Series coupe.


Richard does an excellent job of managing our busy BodyShop department and oversees the installation of our repairs, Paint Protection Spray and full colour change projects.
Richard has a huge amount of BodyShop experience and is an expert painter and the quality of his work and eye for detail is the best we’ve ever seen. Meticulous in his preparation and care for the work he puts out shines through in its final finish.
A keen film maker Richard also produces a number of the videos we present of cars bring transformed by his BodyShop team as well as capturing some of the wild life we have in our country side.

Richard is a Master of Jujitsu which he has been practice for over 15 years. He can also be found ripping up Mountain bike trails without cheating with the aid of an electric bike, unlike some staff members…..

Rupert – Paint Protection Film (PPF) SPECIALIST

Rupert is our chief Paint Protection Film (PPF) installer and has received Gyeon training on their high quality protection and detailing products. Rupert came to us from the aerospace industry where he would micro weld heat shielding onto critical components and this real eye for detail and a steady hand has meant that he was the ideal choice for work within our BodyShop and Detailing studio.

Rupert not only oversees the detailing and ceramic coating of vehicles coming from our BodyShop but also runs our plotting machine and software to enable the our Gyeon PPF film to be pre-cut for a perfect fitment.
In his spare time Rupert enjoys spending time with his family and renovating his new home.


A key member of our BodyShop team is Jamie who has been with us since 2019. Jamie is dedicated and hardworking with an exceptional skill in metal and plastic repair. Jamie joined the body shop having previously worked as a panel beater. This experience makes him perfect for a role in our body shop in assisting the rebuilding and repairing of our customers’ vast array of performance vehicles.

No dent or mark is beyond Jamie and we have regularly been convinced new panels would be required only to come back later to find Jamie’s craftsmanship has pulled, tapped and massaged them back into perfect shape.

Jamie works alongside Rich, Lucas, Rupert and Jenson in a fantastic team who produce exceptional work both with our Paint Protection Spray (PPS) and general repairs.

In his spare time Jamie enjoys going karting with friends, Ju-Jitsu with Rich and he loves all things Porsche GT.