AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, VW 2018+ 2.0 E888.4


Protrack wheels have become synonymous with high quality lightweight Motorsport alloy wheels. For the Mk8 Golf GTi, Clubsport and R these wheels represent a significant weight saving. With the wider wheels (18”x8.0) and Michelin 4s tyres on our Clubsport demonstrator this wheel and tyre combination still reduced weight by 2kg per wheel of unsprung mass. These wheel provided a better offset and provide a 7mm wider track for improved handling and stability. The wheels now fill the arches more readily especially when running the car at a lower ride height. The Protrack wheels also feature a 5mm knurling on the circumference of the wheel to help secure the tyre in place under extreme acceleration and cornering.

Installation in our workshop benefits from our Hunter Roadforce Balancing for the perfect wheel and tyre setup.


Priced per wheel

£228.08 exc VAT

£273.70 inc VAT

Labour to install, corner weight and wheel alignment

£356.00 exc VAT

£427.20 inc VAT