RS3 8V 2017 Tuning
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AUDI RS3 (8V: 2017-) TUNING

When we first started tuning the previous generation RS3 8V 2.5 TFSI engine we were impressed at the ease at which it produced additional power. However, that engine is well and truly surpassed by the new all Aluminium 2017+ engine.

As before this engine is installed in both the RS3 and TT RS, but now sports both the lighter block, revised pistons, rods and cylinder heads. These in turn supply the larger turbo and fuelling is handled by both direct and port injection. These significant changes add up to an engine that typically makes far more than then claimed 395 bhp (400 PS) / 354 lbft even in standard form.

Once again we have invested in our own development vehicle to fully understand how to get the most out of the new engine, whilst keeping all the safety and drivability so crucial to making a great driver's car.

Our upgrades for the RS3 (8V: 2015-2017) can be seen here.
RS3 Tuning dyno 3
RS3 Tuning dyno 1

Stage 1 - 480 bhp (486 PS) / 440 lbft (596 Nm)

The standard exhaust of the RS3 flows well for a production car and the intake system uses a huge air box to reduce restriction. At this power level the best value for money is our ECU remap.

This is a quick process that can be carried our through the OBD plug under the dashboard, which means the ECU does not need to be removed and quick revisions or reverting the car back to standard can be completed within minutes.

After hours of careful testing and revisions on both the road and dyno with our development vehicle we are able to lift the 2017+ RS3/TT RS power and torque figures substantially to 480 bhp (+85 bhp) and 440 lbft (+86 lbft). However, these are not just peak value increases. More power is produced throughout the rev range improving driveability and offering a broader power band to enjoy.

The process takes around 1 hour and we can offer before and after power runs for an additional cost.

RS3 Stage 1 power graph

ECU Remap

£600.00 exc VAT

£720.00 inc VAT

Before & After Power Runs

£150.00 exc VAT

£180.00 inc VAT

Stage 2 - 500 bhp (506 PS) / 480 lbft (650 Nm)

We feel the limiting factor for the standard car is the relatively small standard intercooler. This quickly becomes saturated when we lift power past our Stage 1 480 bhp. Intake air temperatures after the intercooler would quickly climb to over 50 degrees on a dyno power run so, just like the previous generation engine, we knew large gains could be had from a well-designed intercooler.

Stage 2 utilises the larger Forge intercooler. The improved flow and cooling characteristics allow us to further refine the engine calibration. These improvements liberate another 20+ bhp with engine power now exceeding 500 bhp! Torque also increases by 40 lbft to 480 lbft available from just 3,000 rpm.

RS3 Forge Intercooler

RS3 stage 2 power graph

With the Forge intercooler intake air temperatures don’t pass 26 degrees and our engine and ECU tuning produces the new power figures with ease.

Although the standard air filter flows well when new, its paper design will mean it will quickly clog up and reduce performance. Replacing this with a washable K&N filter will ensure performance is maintained long term.

500bhp in the RS3 creates one of the best sleepers on the road and an extremely exciting drive.

Stage2 takes approximately 4-5 hours to fit the intercooler and apply the calibration to a standard car and customers are welcome to wait in our waiting area or arrange for a Courtesy car to explore the local area.

Stage 2

Includes Forge Intercooler, K&N air filter, State 2 ECU remap, labour (4-5 hrs)

£1,954.94 exc VAT

£2,345.93 inc VAT

* Please note that our quoted figures are based on 99 octane pump fuel without any additives

RS3 Tuning dyno 2
RS3 Tuning Intercooler fitted