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AUDI RS3 (8V: 2015-2017) TUNING

Following on from our very successful Audi RS6 (C7) tuning project, we have decided to offer a stage upgrade system for the brilliant Audi RS3 (8V: 2012-2015). Working with a local owner, we have spent a huge amount of time on our dyno developing a progessive stage structure to allow you to safely tune your car from the standard figures of 362 bhp and 343 lbft.

In 2017 Audi 'face lifted' the RS3 as well as making some significant engine changes. Our upgrades for the RS3 (8V: 2017-) can be seen here.

Stage 1 - 430 bhp - Motorsport Use Only

Similar to our massively popular GT-R stage 1 modification, our RS3 stage 1 upgrade involves fitting Milltek stainless secondary decat pipes and recalibration of the engine management system. Owners can expect a power increase from the standard 362 bhp to around 430 bhp and a torque increase to 410 lbft.

We also offer a simple remap of your car, retaining the standard exhaust system, however the power and torque figures obtained are reduced to 415 bhp and 390 lbft.

The engine remap can be carried out through the OBD port under the dashboard, which means the ECU does not need to be removed and quick revisions or reverting the car back to standard can be completed within minutes. Installing DE-CAT pipes is for Motorsport use only as the car will not be emissions compliant for road use. 

Audi RS3 Powergraph

Stage 1

Includes Milltek Secondary Decat pipes, Stage 1 ECU Remap & labour (1 hr)

£778.60 exc VAT

£934.32 inc VAT

Stage 2 - 450 bhp

Stage 2 utilises the Milltek decat pipes from Stage 1 and adds a larger Forge intercooler, with a modified standard crash bar. The improved flow and cooling characteristics allow us to further tweak the engine mapping, liberating another 20 bhp. Power jumps to around 450 bhp with 430 lbft of torque available from as little as 2,500 rpm. This huge increase in performance gives not only a thrilling ride but the power delivery is smooth and progressive with no loss in drivability. Installing DE-CAT pipes is for Motorsport use only as the car will not be emissions compliant for road use. 

It takes 5 hours to fit the intercooler and decat pipes to a standard car and customers are welcome to wait in our waiting area or arrange for a courtsey car to explore the local area.

Audi RS3 Powergraph

Stage 2

Includes Milltek Secondary Decat pipes, Forge intercooler, performance air filter, Stage 2 ECU Remap & labour (5 hrs)

£2,157.70 exc VAT

£2,589.24 inc VAT

Upgrade from Stage 1


Please note that our quoted figures are based on 99 octane pump fuel without any additives

Audi RS3 Dyno
Audi RS3 Intercooler