Litchfield Dyno Decisions

Posted by d_b_l on Friday, January 10th, 2014 in Dyno Tuning, ECU Remap, Uncategorised

Our dyno facility was completed back in 2014.  Offering power runs and ECU mapping on one of the most advanced 4-wheel drive dyno systems on the market. It was the UK’s first 4WD MAHA MSR Dynamometer.  This German made, state of the art dyno is the most advanced on the market and was originally designed for […]


Posted by d_b_l on Sunday, August 4th, 2013 in Akrapovic, Alcon, BMW, BRZ, GT-R, M3, Nissan, Nurburgring, Subaru, Suspension

2013 has seen plenty of trips for team Litchfield to the fabled Nordschleife in order to test yet more new products. It’s an integral part of our development programme and every bit as vital as the road or dyno testing that we do, or the stress analysis and CAD work. Because of its unique set of […]

Liam Doran GT-R Nurburgring 2012

Posted by d_b_l on Saturday, August 4th, 2012 in GT-R, Nissan, Nurburgring

During the 2012 Autosport Show Litchfield were approached by Liam Doran to build a Monster Energy Drink Nissan GTR which he planned to use on various events throughout the year.Liam Doran is Britain’s leading Rallycross driver, aged just 25, and is now one of the hottest new athletes in World Motorsport. Doran signed with Monster […]