In 2021 part of our Sales team of Riley and Tom visited the HRE Wheels factory in San Diego, California. Here they could gain a deeper understanding of the HRE brand, their manufacturing processes, and the technology and innovation that goes into producing their high-performance wheels.

During the visit, the team had the opportunity to tour the HRE factory and witness first-hand the attention to detail and precision that goes into every aspect of the wheel manufacturing process. They also met with key members of the HRE team, including engineers, designers, and Sales Director, Laurent Lebouder who treated them to lunch at the local Mexican restaurant (a favourite with HRE staff) where they were able to discuss the latest developments and innovations in wheel technology.

The visit to the HRE factory has allowed Riley and Tom to gain a deeper appreciation for the quality and craftsmanship of HRE Wheels. This knowledge and experience will enable them to better serve our customers by providing expert advice and guidance on selecting the perfect HRE wheels.