The Litchfield Track Edition is a GT-R you can buy from us right now and we believe this Track Edition is the sweet spot in the Nissan GT-R range. The car is built on the same production line as the full GT-R Nismo so receives the stiffer bodyshell, Nismo chassis components, Nismo wheel hubs, Nismo wheels and tyres to name just a few of the improvements. We then install our own handling upgrades to the car and release 631 BHP (640 PS) from the engine so it was never going to be slow at the Nurburgring and yet everyone was surprised by just how well it went.

The Track Edition saw more laps around the ‘Ring than any of our other cars over the five days and even with the standard brakes, wheels and tyres the car laid down some incredibly consistent times.   It allowed us to work on some new features, but more importantly it was simply great fun to drive.  The car was so assured around this infamous track and every driver returned with a smile on their face and complements on the setup.

The Track Edition is perfectly suited to this circuit

Much of our time was spent on refining our throttle and torque control maps so that the driver could squeeze the power on more incrementally throughout the bend.  Now on the exit the car was more settled and the tyres had time to seek out grip and communicate it back without a sudden rush of torque corrupting things.  These changes were small but added up to a nicer driving experience where you have more control and feel .  We were also able to test and adjust our new traction control setup, which became especially useful in some of the cold and damp morning laps in the Eifel Forrest.

We used the time to try some different suspension settings with standard adjustable roll bars and some prototype spring mounts (more to come on these soon) but the reality is the bumpy and flowing nature of the ‘ring means the optimum setup is not far off our preferred road settings.  The Track Edition runs our revised LM20 spec. Bilstein Damptronic suspension, which offer a great range of settings between Comfort and Race mode.  This has allowed us to retain the excellent levels of refinement in Comfort mode and increase the damping in Race mode for even greater track performance.   

You know you’re doing well when one of the quickest drivers around the Nurburgring approves

On the last day we spent time with professional racing driver Moritz Kranz and he really enjoyed the car.  Moritz was confident that with a clear lap it would lap the ‘Ring in sub-7 minutes BTG which considering this is how we deliver the base cars to customers is pretty impressive.   As it was, after four days of Nürburgring fun the tyres had given their best, but even with traffic he was able to lap around 7m 15s BTG. 

Check out one of the laps below:


This is about about as quick as you can drive a road-going car around the this track and not sacrifice it’s on road performance and comfort.  Everyone who drove the Track Edition came away thinking you really don’t need anymore around this track than what the GT-R Track Edition offers.

It then cruised back to the UK in Comfort mode – Brilliant car!