We’re always looking for ways to improve. With our latest delivery of CNC cylinder heads for our Nissan GT-R builds we transform how quickly we can produce our engines.

We have been building expectational GT-R engines for years but these take a long time to produce to the standard we expect.  The cylinder heads in particular are very labour intensive.  Our chief engineer, Steve, will take over 2 weeks to carefully port and polish the cylinder heads and combustion chambers of our Sport Engines to our own design.  All this work is done by hand. Even our standard 3.8 builds have mild porting and combustion chamber re-profiling that takes time.  Each element requires painstaking precision and measuring to insure each cylinder is perfectly matched in flow and performance.


Earlier in the year we began the long process of creating sample heads that were sectioned and scanned to allow us to build up a CNC program that would perfectly replicate Steve’s proven designs.

With our partners at Alientech Precision in Silverstone we are now able to batch produce theses heads for all our 3.8 and Sport engine packages.  Each head is inspected, measured and hand finished in a fraction of the time required before.

With this advance, and other like it, we will continue to look at improving what we do throughout 2019.