BMW Tuning

BMW Tuning and Servicing

BMW and in particular the M models are amongst our favourite high performance cars.

As a company we have a number of M cars as development vehicles and Iain has owned almost every M model over the years. Recently we ran a 335i on a long term test (using Alcon and Bilstein parts) and an E92 M3 development car for most of 2013. We started 2017 with owning a newer E92 M3, M235i, M2 and M4 all in an effort to improve our understanding and in turn what we can offer for these amazing a cars.

But it is more than just business, there is a passion for all things M that is shared with many of our staff members who also run BMW M cars as their daily drivers.

If you are looking for a company to help your look after or upgrade your BMW you can be confident that Litchfield share your enthusiasm and have the resources required to look after your BMW to the highest standards. Whether you are looking for routine servicing, performance upgrades or track preparation we have the facilities, equipmment and experience needed. Please call us or click on the links below for more information.