BMW M3 (F80) & M4 (F82)

We pride ourselves on our suspension knowledge and chassis understanding. Our workshops are equipped with the latest suspension measuring and alignment technology. Combined with our excellent working relation with the best suspension brands on the market means we can provide our customers with their perfect setup.

We have owned a number of BMW F8x series cars including our M4 from 2014 and these have allowed us to develop a variety of chassis improvements for both enhanced road manners and track handling. These cars have regularly enjoyed testing around UK track events as well as frequent visits to the Nurburgring.

We have a range of upgrades to suit your budget and requirements.

For a simple and straightforward upgrade we can install our own proven spring kit which improves ride and handling as well give the car more aggressive stance. From Eibach we can offer their upgraded anti-roll bars and spacers to further improve both handling and appearance. For those drivers who want a faster road setup and who do the odd track day we would recommend our Bilstein suspension kit. It works with the EDC system and has received critical acclaim on our demonstrator, it also vastly improves the ride. 

As well as providing incredible solutions for our customers many of these manufacturers is a direct supplier to BMW and BMW Motorsport. Together with our unique setup and chassis components we can transform the dynamics of your road or track M3/M4.

Litchfield Performance Springs

Height Reduced: Front 25mm / Rear 20mm

Extensively tested on road and track, with input from WTCC Champion Rob Huff, our superb lowering spring kit for the M3/M4 improves the grip and handling of the car whilst retaining the ride quality. Combined with Eibach spacers, the wheels now perfectly suit the arches. If fitted here at Litchfield, we also re-align your M3 or M4 to our own settings.

£162.50 exc VAT

£195.00 inc VAT

M4 Eibach spacers

Eibach Spacers

High quality hub-centric spacers from Eibach for the M3 and M4. 12mm and 15mm spacers supplied with longer wheel bolts and a set of locking bolts to suit.

£97.62 exc VAT

£117.14 inc VAT

bilstein logo
M4 bilstein b16

Bilstein B16 Damptronic (EDC cars only)

For the next level of handling upgrade we would recommend the B16 Damptronic. It's aimed at those drivers who want a faster road setup but who also venture on to the track from time to time. Drivers can simply switch between 'Comfort' and 'Sport' modes at the push of a button, using the car's built-in EDC system.

  • Sport mode for excellent driving dynamics and maximum power reserves in all situations
  • Comfort mode creates smooth compensation for uneven surfaces
  • Threaded body adjustable range of 20 mm at both axles, while installed
  • Lowering of approx. 30-40 mm at front, 5-25mm at rear
  • Road-tested by BILSTEIN under motor sports conditions and fine-tuned
  • Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology for long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • Quality sport springs made from highly durable material
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube / Upside-Down technology, made in Germany
  • German TÜV certificate

£3,274.00 exc VAT

£3,928.80 inc VAT

Nitron logo

Litchfield / Nitron 3-Way Race BMW M3/M4 Suspension Kit

Following on from our successful partnership with Nitron Race suspension systems we are pleased to release our 3-way Race suspension for drivers looking for the ultimate in adjustability and performance on track and fast road use.

The Litchfield / Nitron 3-ways feature our unique damping internals and custom spring rates to give a huge range in adjustment for both road and track use. The adjustable spring platforms allows accurate setup of the ride height to suit the intended use as well as corning weighting the car to provide the very best chassis balance.

Our unique internal valving allows for a comfortable ride on the road also provides control over challenging surfaces and kerbs in places like the Nurburgring and then with Nitron’s 24-clicks of fully independent low speed and high speed compression, as well as rebound adjustment the dampers can be quickly tuned to provide excellent grip and stability on a smooth surface like Silverstone or GP tracks.

To further compliment the dampers this suspension kit is provided with Nitron’s stunning adjustable top mounts which allow fine control over the geometry setup of the front chassis. This improves response, steering feel and grip by using our preferred camber and caster angles.

Nitrons 3-way damper units are proven in both performance and reliability in race winning cars around the world including the Nurburgring 24hr and Spa 24hr races.

Features include:

  • Gas pressurised mono tube design
  • Easy adjustment of damping with positive clicks on adjust knobs, no tools needed
  • Fully threaded ride height adjustment
  • Floating piston oil/gas separation ensures minimum cavitation and maximum performance.
  • Alloy top mounts and racing springs where applicable
  • Steel bodied Macpherson strut with high displacement 22mm shaft and 46 mm piston
  • Alloy bodied telescopic damper for ultra light weight construction reducing unsprung weight
  • External canisters in piggy back or remote hose format
  • Fuchs damper fluid
  • Ultra low friction seals increase damper sensitivity
  • Fully serviceable
  • Designed and built in the UK

Litchfield / Nitron 3-Way Race BMW M3/M4 Suspension Kit

£4,187.00 exc VAT

£5,024.40 inc VAT

Fitting with corner weighting and Litchfield laser alignment.

Approx. install time 5-7 hours due to increased adjustment options.

£425.00 exc VAT

£510.00 inc VAT