BMW M3 / M4 (G80,G81,G82)

The FlowForm® HRE Alloy wheel line up boasts iconic styling and embodies the unmatched quality that has made HRE a market leader. The cast flow formed wheel is crafted using the most advanced design and engineering techniques available, making it a top-tier product accessible to a broader range of consumers. HRE's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the FlowForm® line

For the BMW G-Series M3 & M4 we recommend the HRE FF21 FlowForm wheels and we run these on our M3 Touring demonstrator. The FF21’s are 20” all round and provide the perfect offset to fill the wheel arches. This also give the M3 a slightly (12mm) wider track which helps with handling as well as the aesthetics. These wheels not only look great but offer a considerable weight saving over the original wheels. The FF21 wheels are 2.4kg lighter per wheel which helps unsprung weight and a weight saving that increases drasticslly once spinning. This provide improve suspension control and a purer steering feel.

HRE FF21 Wheels and new Michelin PS4S

Includes fitting and Road Force balancing

£4,369.17 exc VAT

£5,243.00 inc VAT