BMW M3 / M4 (G80,G81,G82)

Following on from our successful partnership with Nitron Race suspension systems we are pleased to release our 3-way Race suspension for drivers looking for the ultimate in adjustability and performance on track and fast road use. This was the first kit developed for the G-Series M cars as it is focused on track/race users.

The Litchfield / Nitron 3-ways feature our unique damping internals and custom spring rates to give a huge range in adjustment for both road and track use. The adjustable spring platforms allows accurate setup of the ride height to suit the intended use as well as corning weighting the car to provide the very best chassis balance. Our unique internal valving allows for a comfortable ride on the road also provides control over challenging surfaces and kerbs in places like the Nurburgring and then with Nitron’s 24-clicks of fully independent low speed and high speed compression, as well as rebound adjustment the dampers can be quickly tuned to provide excellent grip and stability on a smooth surface like Silverstone or GP tracks.

To further compliment the dampers this suspension kit is provided with Nitron’s stunning adjustable top mounts which allow fine control over the geometry setup of the front chassis. This improves response, steering feel and grip by using our preferred camber and caster angles.

Litchfield / Nitron 3-Way Race Suspension Kit with Top Mounts

Including fitting, corner weighting and wheel alignment

£5,611.00 exc VAT

£6,733.20 inc VAT