BMW M3 / M4 (G80,G81,G82)

Traditional ECU tuning is not currently possible on the latest Bosch ECU’s as they significantly strengthened the security from the middle of 2020 and all the later G-Series M3/M4 ECU feature these new ECUs. However FEMTO who are based in Finland that are able to unlock the ECU which then allows us to apply our tuning.

The process involves sending the ECU via a secure courier away and typically the unlocking process takes 10-14days to complete. We offer three options for unlocking your ECU:


You can send us your ECU for unlocking. If you have the space to store your car then we send you instructions for removing the ECU (around 10mins work). You can then deliver the ECU to us and we’ll handle the FEMTO unlock process.


Your G-series M3/M4 can be delivered to us and you can borrow one of our free courtesy cars while we handle the tuning process.


We also have the option of paid collecting and redelivering your car using our transporter.

We have invested in our own BMW G-Series M3 to develop our ECU calibration options and hardware upgrades. Our proven calibration provides not only a huge increase performance but also a number of features to further enhance the car.

We have fine-tuned the calibration on both on our in-house Dyno as well as living with the setup day to day on the road with our development car. The power is instantly adjustable with the BMW Drive selection modes so you can quickly tailor the delivery to the environmental conditions. Even with the OPF filters and standard exhaust in place we are able to release a massive 120bhp extra with our custom Stage1 tune.

Once unlocked we will apply our latest UK fuel calibration using the Bootmod3 firmware to provide a number of custom features.

Switchable maps

Our default Map Slot settings which you can change instantly using the Cruise Control buttons are:

  • Map 1 - Stock CSL tune 542bhp / 479bhp
  • Map 2 - LM 95 Octane normal unleaded fuel which will produce around 590bhp and 530lbft/718Nm (Stage 1)
  • Map 3 - LM 97/99 Octane Super unleaded fuel which will produce around 620bhp with over 550lbft/745Nm (Stage 1)
  • Map 4 - Valet Mode

The driver is able to switch between the different maps using the Cruise Control buttons or selecting a new map slot within the BM3 App.

  • Recalibrated Driver Display - All our remaps include recalibrating the Driver Display to show the engines new power and torque figures.
  • Vmax Removed - All our remaps include removing the top speed limiter so drivers can choose to driver over 155mph on de-restricted Motorways or on track events.
  • Custom Exhaust Valve Control - All our remaps include adjusting the exhaust valve to give a better exhaust note and reduce drone when cruising. Especially useful for cars with performance exhaust or downpipes.
  • Optional Cold Start Removal - We can simply remove the Cold Start process that causes the engine/exhaust make a loud unpleasant noise while the ECU tries to warm up the CATs for emissions. This can become extremely loud on cars with no CATs installed.
  • Optional Pops & Bangs/Burbles Adjustment - Tailor the amount of burbles produced on the over run. Change between OEM or custom levels using the phone app or turn off completely. All our remaps have the burble setup similar to the CSL/CS models so it gives a nice sound when in Sports mode.
  • Adjustable Torque Per Gear - Requires Bluetooth Interface and Phone App. Within the Phone App the driver is able to easily adjust the amount of torque going to the wheels using a simple slider. We have setup a good default setting for the first 3 gears but now the driver can request more or less torque in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th onwards. This is ideal if you are on a slippery surface, have gripper tyres as few quick changes can really improve the traction and enjoyment of the car.


Litchfield/FEMTO Unlocking Service

Includes Labour to remove & refit, secure vehicle storage, courtesy car and DHL Express Shipping with additional tracker

£918.17 exc VAT

£1,101.80 inc VAT

Litchfield Stage 1 Tune with BM3 License (FEMTO UNLOCK REQUIRED)

£495.83 exc VAT

£595.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Stage 2 Tune with BM3 license for performance exhaust & intake (FEMTO UNLOCK REQUIRED)

£662.50 exc VAT

£795.00 inc VAT

If you already have your G-Series unlocked and running an off the shelf tune and would like a Litchfield remap:

Stage 1

For vehicles already unlocked

£250.00 exc VAT

£300.00 inc VAT

Stage 2

For vehicles already unlocked

£416.67 exc VAT

£500.00 inc VAT

PC Laptop ENET (Ethernet to OBD) programming cable if required for remote programming.

£15.00 exc VAT

£18.00 inc VAT