Stage 1 ECU tuning

We are able to offer two different methods for tuning the M2 Competition ECU; our standard tune includes our proven calibration which lifts power to around 510bhp, and the more recent Ecutek software delivered tunes which allow us greater tuning of the ECU and as such provide 520bhp. We've fine-tuned the calibration for both on our in-house Dyno as well as living with the setup day to day on the road with our own development cars. Combined with our various track testing sessions, we feel we have developed the ultimate software upgrades.

Whilst the engine and ECU may be the same as the F8x M3/M4 (albeit with slightly reduced power) there has been some drastic changes to the exhaust system. The release of the M2 Competition also saw the introduction of the new OPF filters in the exhaust. These dense particulate filters form a significant restriction in the exhaust so careful tuning is needed to limit excess back pressure and stress on the engine.

Fortunately we are now able to tune the M2 Competition ECU with the latest Ecutek software. This new software tool not only gives us access to all the critical maps and strategies within the ECU, but it also provides detailed logging capabilities to allow us to quickly analyse our changes and improvements. We pride ourselves on having the best calibrations available for the F-series engines but the introduction of the Ecutek software has lifted these to a whole new level. With the Ecutek software we are able to combine the best of BMW calibration updates such as the recent CS and GTS models along with our own proven tuning adjustments. All aspects of the calibration have been refined; from the adjustable pops and crackles out of the exhaust, to the recalibrated power dials on the centre screen. We have spent considerable time refining the throttle maps and power delivery in each gear to ensure quick but controllable progress. The power is instantly adjustable with the BMW Drive selection modes so you can quickly tailor the delivery to the environmental conditions. Even with the OPF filters and standard exhaust in place we are able to release a massive 80bhp extra with our standard tune, with power increasing to around 510bhp, and 90bhp extra with the Ecutek developed tune. Both have over 500lbft available from low in the rev range to provide huge increases.

Each car that comes in will also have the engine management system checked and updated to the latest BMW software version.

Stage 1 ECU tuning with Ecutek software license

£600.00 ex VAT

£720.00 inc VAT

Dyno Tuning

£120.00 ex VAT

£144.00 inc VAT

Remote Tuning Option*

Stage 1 ECU tuning with Ecutek software, Bluetooth interface and programming key

£795.00 ex VAT

£954.00 inc VAT

* Late model BMW M2 Competition models have the latest BMW ECU firmware installed at the factory (~March 2019) or may have been subject to a Main Dealer firmware update. This new firmware version removes the loophole that allows direct programming through the OBD port. We are able to simply reverse this to allowing OBD programming, but we do require the car or ECU to be present so we plug in and unlock it (no opening is required). Once completed we can continue to tune remotely as before.

S55 Engine Crank Hub Upgrade

For further upgrading above our Stage 1 upgrade we would recommend fitting our S55 crank hub fix as there have been multiple instances of higher powered cars having the engine timing slip, which puts the car into a limp mode and ultimately stops it from starting.

We offer a couple of options to resolve the problem which we have successfully been applying for a number of years for both customers and other garages that have experienced this issue.

The most straight forward and cost effective solution is to install our Bolt Capture. This CNC and anodised upgraded was developed in-house and stops the crankshaft bolt from loosening over time or under high load. The upgrade only requires 4 hours to install and can be fitted in conjunction with a performance upgrade on the same day.

For more information on this known problem and our options for fixing it, please read our blog post about the issue.

Litchfield Bolt Catcher Crank Hub upgrade

£388.00 ex VAT

£465.60 inc VAT