We stock the full range of exhaust systems from Milltek, Remus and Akrapovic to give our customers the power gains, weight reduction and noise improvements that best fits their budget.

Milltek Sport are the UK’s leading exhaust manufacturer and offer exceptional performance and quality. Litchfield have been one of Milltek’s largest dealers and we have an excellent working relationship stretching back to 2003.

Milltek Cat-back with Burnt Titanium, Black Cerakote, Polished, Titanium or Carbon Fibre Tips

Burnt Titanium
Black Cerokote
Carbon Fibre

Consists of:

  • 1 x Centre Silencer (EC Approved)
  • 1 x Rear Silencer
  • 1 x LH Valve Outlet Pipe
  • 1 x RH Valve Outlet Pipe
  • 4 x GT90 Tip Assembly

Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust System with GT90 Trims

Available trims are Brushed Titanium, Burnt Titanium, Cerokote Black and & Polished

From: £2,186.60 exc VAT

£2,623.92 inc VAT

Remus are one of the most famous names in European exhaust manufacture, OE suppliers to limited production cars including Mercedes and BMW. Their systems are characterised by a deep menacing tone with large bore design to back pressure and help lift performance.

Remus Wolf Inside Cat-Back System

The REMUS cat-back performance sport exhaust features a bolt-on non-resonated front section paired with a bi-modal performance sport exhaust system, which comes with full EC approval and features 2 integrated valves which are controlled by the onboard vehicle electronics. The exhaust comes as a 4x 100mm quad tip configuration and with 5 different tip set designs. All REMUS performance sport exhaust systems are produced using T304 stainless steel and are shot-blasted to relieve possible production induced material stresses.

The lighter-weight construction is partly down to thinner, yet equally strong side wall construction. The aggressive REMUS sound generated from the N55B30 turbocharged engine is due to innovative bi-modal internals with up to 80% reduced backpressure, which is directly responsible for the noticeable power increase. All internals are also made from T304 stainless steel, which are corrosion resistant and guarantee long-term quality.

No vehicle modifications are required!

The system includes an additional original BMW actuator and a Y-cable for connecting both actuators with the onboard electronics of the vehicle.

Original tube Ø 80 mm

REMUS tubes 2x Ø 65 mm

The use of racing products and products which do not have EC approval is generally not permitted on public roads.

The activation of the valve can be carried out using the separate available REMUS sound controller. The sound controller and electrical actuator allows the valve to be operated in several different positions.


  • Tube diameter perfectly adjusted to engine specifications
  • Optimized flow and back pressure
  • Stainless steel
  • EC homologation

Remus Wolf Inside Cat-Back System with trims

From: £2,345.53 exc VAT

£2,814.64 inc VAT

Akrapovic logo



+11.2 kW at 4800 rpm


-7.2 kg


+23.8 Nm at 4650 rpm

Made from ultra-lightweight high-grade titanium, which will lower the overall weight of the car and improve handling. This perfectly finished ECE-approved system has been tuned to get the most from the TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine of the M2 and is designed to deliver more power all the way across the rev range. This new system features two separate tubes from the downpipe to the muffler – unlike the car’s original single-tube configuration. It is perfectly routed and shaped to provide optimum gas flow from the M2’s stunning engine and deliver a noticeable performance increase. The sound has also been enhanced by Akrapovic’s engineers; the unique external sound is higher in pitch, giving a true racing feel in the upper rpm range. The Evolution Line is perfect for everyday use, with low-rpm driving smooth and refined, but still showing the true potential of the system – and, when higher revs are hit and the valves are permanently open, the sound has an addictive racing tone. A simple plug-and-play system offers a superb addition to improve the performance of the BMW M2. Carbon-fibre tailpipes give an added look to the rear of the M2, to display its sporting potential. Performance can be further increased with the addition of the optional downpipes, which can be purchased with or without cats. To set off the system to its visual best, optional parts are also available.

Fittment notice:This system does not fit on vehicles equipped with Otto particulate filter (OPF).

£5,563.84 exc VAT

£6,676.61 inc VAT