BMW M2 (N55)
Handling Upgrades

We pride ourselves on our suspension knowledge and chassis understanding. Our workshops are equipped with the latest suspension measuring and alignment technology. This combined with our excellent working relation with the best suspension brands on the market means that we can provide our customers with their perfect setup.

We have owned a number of BMW F8x series cars including our M4 from 2014 and BMW M2 and M2 Competition. These have allowed us to develop a variety of chassis improvements for both enhanced road manners and track handling. These cars have regularly enjoyed testing around UK track events as well as frequent visits to the Nurburgring.

We have a range of upgrades to suit your budget and requirements.

For a simple and straightforward upgrade we can install our range of springs, upgraded anti-roll bars and spacers for the M2 Competition which improve both handling and appearance.

For those drivers who want a faster road setup, significantly improved ride quality and who may do the odd track day we would recommend our custom made Bilstein & Nitron suspension kits. The kits have been uniquely honed over the years to provide the very best ride and handling combination for your M2. These unique upgrade settings have received critical acclaim on our M2 demonstrator and make the ride vastly improved.

Autocar - 9th January 2018 - Litchfield BMW M2 2018 review:

"Litchfield’s package of upgrades for the BMW M2 is so expertly judged and so brilliantly executed that this now feels like the car the M2 should have been all along."

For the more performance focused cars with frequent track days we'd suggest the our full 3-way Nitron kit with motorsport top mounts or the KW clubsport variant 3 package.

Together with our unique setup and chassis components, we can transform the dynamics of your road or track M2 Competition.

Litchfield / Bilstein BMW M2 suspension kit

We have been working with Bilstein for years and we are one of their largest UK dealers. We install our own Bilstein Damptronic suspension on our Nissan GT-R packages with over 500 sets sold. Bilstein is also an OE major supplier to manufacturers like Mercedes, Porsche and Lamborghini so you can be assured of the quality and excellence of these German engineered dampers.

Knowing the settings that work best with the BMW M2 we commissioned Bilstein to produce a new damper for the car what would work with our proven spring combination to transform the ride quality but also enhance the already excellent handling of this M car.

The Bilstein Damper is based on their successful B16 PSS10 design with our own custom internal valving. This damper offers simple 2-way mechanical adjustment of rebound and compression movements by a simply twist its dial. The dampers dial has 10 clicks that clearly distinguish each setting, we provide our preferred settings but the adjusters give you the flexibility to find the combination that works best for you in a variety of driving conditions.

Our Bilstein based M2 suspension kit features adjustable spring platforms which allow us to corner weight each car for optimal chassis setup and allow for a more aggressive appearance.

After installing our suspension kit, the car will be much more supple on the road and make long distance journeys more enjoyable whilst still having razor sharp handling response, improved body control and greater driver feedback.

Chris Harris - 10th December 2020 - Litchfield BMW M2 Bilstein suspension thoughts:

"There is a plushness to it that was missing before. The ride comfort is superb. I can’t see how you get much more for winter use in a high powered RWD car!”

Chris Harris - Instagram @harrismonkey - 21st December 2020:

"I love this little car. Thank you Litchfield for making it so damn good."

Litchfield / Bilstein BMW M2 suspension kit

£1,895 exc VAT

£2,274 inc VAT

Fitting price with corner weighting and Litchfield laser alignment (Approx. install time 5-7 due to increased adjustment options)

Approx. install time 5-6 hours.

£425.00 exc VAT

£510.00 inc VAT

Nitron logo

Litchfield / Nitron BMW M2 suspension kit

Nitron Race suspension systems are the UK’s premiere suspension manufacturer and as well as numerous competition success are also OE suppliers to companies such as Lotus.

The Nitron version of our suspension kit uses same damper internal setup as our Bilstein kit so the exceptional ride and handling characteristics remain. However because these Nitron’s use their R1 2-way damper design they have an increased range of 24 clicks to offer even finer control.

The Nitron Damper bodies also have adjustment to change the length so combined with the adjustable spring platform we can offer even great ride height options.

Like our Bilstein kit the Nitron dampers use our custom spring kit which mounts to the original BMW mounting points to reduce noise and vibration and keep that OEM feel.

For additional control we can also supply the Nitron suspension with their optional CNC topmounts which are ideal for trackday enthusiasts. Contact us now about how the Nitron setup might suit your needs.

Litchfield / Nitron BMW M2 suspension kit

£1,995 exc VAT

£2,394 inc VAT

Fitting price with corner weighting and Litchfield laser alignment

Approx. install time 5-7 hours due to increased adjustment options.

£425.00 exc VAT

£510.00 inc VAT

KW logo

KW Variant 3 Suspension

Our technicians have travelled to Germany to receive training at the KW facility so we are able to advise on their range of products and how best to implement them. KW are one of the world leaders in suspension technology and are standard fit on a number of special manufacturer models including the BMW E92 M3 GTS and now the BMW M4 GTS.

M2 KW Variant 3
M2 KW Variant 3 detail
M2 KW Variant 3 fitted
M2 KW Variant 3 fitted 2

The KW 3 way Clubsport coilovers offer a big step up for the M2's handling and for the more track-minded driver they offer independent control over compression and rebound in both the high and low speed range. As well as lowering the M2 slightly the KW's deliver a much more precise driving experience.

  • Damping technology with individually adjustable rebound- and compression technology
  • inox-line* stainless steel technology
  • Individually height adjustable
  • Adjustment parameters approved by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV)
  • High-quality components for long durability
  • Infinitely variable rebound damping adjustment
  • 14-way adjustable compression damping
  • Unique, individually working damping force adjustment
  • Comprehensive documentation for easy use

£3,066.66 exc VAT

£3,679.99 inc VAT

KW Spacer Kit Front & Rear

The KW spacer kit (12.5 mm each spacer) gives the M2 a slightly wider track that will benefit the car's handling. Aesthetically it helps the wheels fill the flared wheel arches for a more balanced look especially if the car has been lowered.

£128.00 exc VAT

£153.60 inc VAT

Öhlins BMS MR40 Coil Over Suspension Road & Track

General Features:

  • DFV technology (Dual Flow Valve)
  • Height adjustable
  • Rebuildable
  • Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227)
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Delivery incl. springs

Features Front:

  • McPherson strut, upside down
  • Compression and rebound damping with one adjuster
  • Spring preload adjuster
  • Approx. 10 mm lower than standard with recommended setup
  • Heigth adjustment range +15/-15 mm
  • Spring rate 90 N/mm
  • Dustcovers
  • Use with original top mounts

Features Rear:

  • Conventional Shock Absorber
  • Compression and rebound damping with one adjuster
  • Spring preload adjuster
  • Approx. 10 mm lower than standard with recommended setup
  • Heigth adjustment range +15/-15 mm
  • Spring rate 160 N/mm
  • Dustcovers
  • Use with original top mounts
  • Purchased Parts Package:
  • 1x shock absorber kit BMS MR40
  • 2x front springs 48010-27
  • 2x rear springs G47090-55
  • C-Spanner (for spring preload adjustment)
  • Owners manual and mounting instruction
  • Sticker set

Öhlins BMS MR40 Dampers

£1,910.00 exc VAT

£2,292.00 inc VAT

Front Spring - 48010-27

£43.25 each exc VAT

£51.90 each inc VAT

Rear Spring - G47090-55

£79.25 each exc VAT

£95.10 each inc VAT