BMW M2 (N55)

Our M2 N55 ECU remaps now feature our latest RACEROM setup which gives you even more control over the cars performance as you can set it up to suit your driving style. Our remaps include a completely new calibration that allows the N55 engine to provide significant increases in power and torque over the standard engine as well as adding some unique features.

Switchable maps

Our current default settings which you can change instantly using the Cruise Control buttons are:

  • Map1 95 Octane normal unleaded fuel which will produce around 370 bhp and 380 lbft with Stage 1 (Stage 2 390 bhp / 390 lbft)
  • Map2 97/99 Octane Super unleaded fuel which will produce around 385 bhp with 400 lbft (Stage 2 420 bhp / 420 lbft)

The RACEROM patch also remembers which map you were in when the engine is switched off so if you always run on Super unleaded it won’t need to be changed.

We utilise the Cruise Control buttons while the Cruise is turned off but when you switch Cruise Control back on again the buttons work as normal so you lose no functionality.

Adjustable Torque

This feature lets the driver instantly adjust the torque the engine produces using the steering wheel controls. This is represented on the Driver information display gauges so it is straight forward to select anything from 50-100% of maximum torque. It also changes the percentage of torque being applied to the per gear torque selection so if you have this setup individually and want to reduce torque by 30% it will also apply this same 30% reduction per gear. Ideal for quick changes if the weather turns during on a trackday as you want to do more than just adjust drop the peak torque value as each gear will require this to set differently.

Recalibrated Driver Display

All our remaps include recalibrating the Driver Display to show the engines new power and torque figures.

Vmax removed

All our remaps include removing the top speed limiter so drivers can choose to driver over 155mph on de-restricted Motorways or on track events.

Adjustable Pops & Bangs/Burbles

– Requires Bluetooth interface and Phone App

All our remaps have the burble setup similar to the M4 GTS/CS models so it gives a nice sound when in Sports mode. However this can be adjusted using our Phone App to suit each driver’s needs. The simple slider can make the burbles more aggressive of switched off completely.

Adjustable Torque Per Gear

- Requires Bluetooth Interface and Phone App

Within the Phone App the driver is able to easily adjust the amount of torque going to the wheels using a simple slider. We have setup a good default setting for the first 3 gears but now the driver can request more or less torque in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th onwards. This is ideal if you are on a slippery surface, have gripper tyres as few quick changes can really improve the traction and enjoyment of the car.

Optional Ecutek Bluetooth Interface and ECU Connect Phone App

Ecutek’s Bluetooth interface is available now and works seamlessly with the BMW N55 engine in the M135/235/335/435 and M2 models and allows the driver’s phone to communicate with the car using Ecutek’s free ECU Connect Phone App. Along with the additional custom maps we highlighted above the ECU Connect setup has a host of other useful features that can be used on most OBD compatible cars (1996+)

  • High Speed Data logging – Display and record factory and RaceROM diagnostic parameters.
  • RaceROM integration – Driver interaction with RaceROM features.
  • Read & clear DTCs.
  • Dashboards – Display real-time data from any parameter in a set of graphical displays using circular gauges, bar graphs or text.
  • Performance analyser – Test and share the performance results online.
  • Archive – Stores log files and performance test results for sharing directly from within the app.
  • ECU info – Provides detailed information about the vehicle concerned.
M2 Tuning Dyno
M2 Testing Paul Ricard 2

Litchfield Stage 1 N55 ECU Remap - 385 bhp

Our Stage 1 upgrade for the M2 turbo charged engine offers a significant increase in power and torque through its carefully re-calibrated ECU. This customised ECU mapping was developed over many months of testing on our own development vehicle to ensure we are able to provide the very best calibration rather than using a generic off the shelf file. Programming of the ECU can be completed through the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port so more time can be spent on honing the calibration. It also means we can revert the car back to standard at any time by uploading the original file. All our M2 N55 engine tunes feature all the latest Ecutek firmware upgrades as listed above.

Stage 1 ECU tuning with Ecutek software license

£600.00 exc VAT

£720.00 inc VAT

Dyno Tuning

£150.00 exc VAT

£180.00 inc VAT

Remote Tuning Option:

Stage 1 ECU tuning with Ecutek software, Bluetooth interface and programming key

£795.00 exc VAT

£954.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Stage 2 Upgrade - 420 bhp

For those customers looking for a more complete solution we also offer our Stage 2 upgrade which combines an improved intake, intercooler and exhaust system with our Stage 2 ECU calibration to further increase power and torque.

Our larger intercooler is able to drop the temperature of the air going into the engine bay up to 25 degrees over the original design and is easily installed with no modifications to the bodywork. Combined with a less restrictive exhaust from ourselves, Milltek, Remus or Akrapovic, we are able to increase power to 415 bhp.

Stage 2 ECU Tuning with exhaust and intercooler