M3 E46 Brake Upgrades


BMW M3 (E46)

We are able to supply standard replacement BMW brake discs and pads but we also have several options for improving the M3's braking with quality aftermarket components.

For simple pad replacements, but with improved performance over the OEM pad, we fit Ferodo DS2500 pads and for more serious track use we would recommend Pagid RS29 brake pads.

Customers looking to improve the braking performance further should look at replacing the OE brakes discs at the same time as changing pads. We recommend fitting Tarox F2000 replacement front discs which are aimed at both road and occasional track day use.

However, for the ultimate in performance we fit the superb Alcon Advantage extreme and Superkit packages. We've used Alcon brakes on a number of our projects and strongly believe these to be the best brakes we've ever used on the E46 M3. We have provided these kits for Evo Magazine Journalists, trackday enthusiasts and run them on our own personal vehicles.

Genuine BMW E46 Replacement Parts

E46 M3 Front Brake Pads

£93.42 exc VAT

£112.10 inc VAT

E46 M3 Rear Brake Pads

£63.68 exc VAT

£76.42 inc VAT

E46 M3 Front Brake Disc - Left

£173.60 exc VAT

£208.32 inc VAT

E46 M3 Front Brake Disc - Right

£218.89 exc VAT

£262.67 inc VAT

E46 M3 Rear Brake Disc - Left

£189.43 exc VAT

£227.32 inc VAT

E46 M3 Rear Brake Disc - Right

£189.43 exc VAT

£227.32 inc VAT

ferodo logo

Ferodo DS2500 Pads

We also supply and fit replacement pads from Ferodo. Their DS2500 pads are a high performance track day pad, but are also refined enough for day to day driving.

DS2500 Front Pads

£134.50 exc VAT

£161.40 inc VAT

DS2500 Rear Pads

£160.34 exc VAT

£192.41 inc VAT

tarox logo

Tarox Pads

Tarox E46 M3 Strada (Fast road use)

£103.00 exc VAT

£123.60 inc VAT

Tarox E46 M3 Strada Rear Pad (Fast road use)

£71.00 exc VAT

£85.20 inc VAT

Tarox E46 M3 Corsa Front pad (Track use)

£144.00 exc VAT

£172.80 inc VAT

Tarox Discs

Tarox discs are the ideal solution for those who alternate the use of the car on the road and the track. The curved grooves on the braking surface deglaze the pads and allow the disc to run cooler.

E46 M3 Tarox Front 326mm two piece Brake disc (MY2002-2006)


E46 M3 CSL Tarox Front 345mm two piece Brake disc (MY2004-2006)


E46 M3 & CSL Tarox Rear 327mm one piece Brake disc (MY2002-2006)


alcon logo

We have worked with Alcon for many years on various projects, which have given us the opportunity to experience just how good their brake packages are.

Alcon Advantage Extreme

Alcon’s Advantage Extreme brake kits are specifically engineered to give exceptional braking performance.

The discs are made from a special Alcon developed iron alloy and feature unique crescent grooves that provide the bite of a drilled disc, but with better durability. Cooling is optimised with curved directional cooling vanes and Alcon’s floating disc system allows thermal expansion through its life whilst minimising judder. Combined with an aerospace spec alloy bell the Advantage Extreme discs provide exceptional bite, thermal stability and durability in a high strength but low weight design.

The calipers use gravity die cast monobloc construction from aluminium alloy to give optimum strength to weight ratio. They feature staggered bore sizes for even pad wear. The pads themselves are low noise with excellent cold performance and resistence to fade at elevated temperatures.

Front kit includes:

  • 365x32mm “C” groove semi floating disc assembly
  • 6 piston mono-bloc, silver caliper
  • DS-P pads
  • Goodridge Hoses

Rear kit includes:

  • 343x28mm “C” Groove disc assemblies
  • Iron bell assemblies with handbrake drum.
  • 4 piston Monobloc silver caliper
  • DS-P Pads
  • Goodridge hoses


M3 E46 original brakes
M3 E46 Alcon brakes