Litchfield ECU Calibration

We have developed an improved ECU calibration for the 3.2 litre M3 engine with both standard and Evo engines in our fleet. This recalibration enhances both power and driveability. Based on the BMW’s latest M3 calibration we can provide owners with an upgrade that will release around 15 bhp over the original tune and provide a crisper throttle response. Our software also removes the internal speed limiter.

£500.00 exc VAT

£600.00 inc VAT

Litchfield ECU Alpha N Calibration

For customer looking for more power we are able to offer our Alpha N calibration. This is designed for cars running full exhaust systems and the CSL style intake manifold and we tune the car using the MAP sensor as the load input. This can see power levels rise to around 360 bhp.

Please contact us for more infomation


ECU / Module coding

We have all the diagnostic equipment to allow us to do BMW control module coding. Whether you have an improved ABS requirement or have converted an SMG vehicle to manual we can recode the modules to help.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.