We have several options for improving the M3's braking. For simple pad replacements, but with improved performance over the OEM pad, we fit Ferodo DS2500 pads.

The next level of performance would be to fit Tarox F2000 front discs which are aimed at both road and occasional track day use.

However, for the ultimate in performance we fit the superb Alcon Superkit packages. We've used Alcon brakes on a number of our projects and strongly believe these to be the best brakes we've ever used.

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Ferodo DS2500

We supply and fit replacement pads from Ferodo. Their DS2500 pads are a high performance track day pad, but are also refined for day to day driving.

DS2500 Front Pads

£129.64 exc VAT

£155.57 inc VAT

DS2500 Rear Pads

£125.96 exc VAT

£151.15 inc VAT

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M3 Tarox F2000 disc

Tarox F2000 Front Disc Set

F2000 discs are the ideal solution for those who alternate the use of the car on the road and the track. The curved grooves on the braking surface deglaze the pads and allow the disc to run cooler.


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We have worked with Alcon for many years on various projects which have given us the opportunity to experience just how good their brake packages are, and they are without doubt the best we have used!

Our own demonstrator vehicle runs Alcon’s Superkit and the braking performance is spectacular. Whether you are looking for improved confidence on fast road use or looking for the ultimate lap time this package will over deliver each time.

Alcon Superkit - M3 (E90, E92, E93)

M3 Alcon Superkit 2
M3 Alcon Superkit

The Alcon Superkits feature 6 pot front and 4 pot rear calipers which are machined from a single piece of billet aluminium. The larger and stiffer calipers use bigger Padgid RS29 pads and run on huge 384mm front and 370mm rear discs which contribute to better temperature management. Extensive testing has shown this to be the best pad and disc combination for the E92 M3 which results in strong cold performance from start-up whilst providing superior resistance to fading at high temperatures. All of this means superior braking and faster lap times.

For more information on the Alcon Superkit Brochures please take a look at their brochure:

Alcon BMW M3 Superkit Brochure PDF

£6,995.00 exc VAT

£8,394.00 inc VAT

For non-M3 cars we can also fit the Alcon Advantage Extreme brake kits:

Alcon Advantage Extreme - 3 Series (E90, E92, E93)

The Alcon Advantage Extreme front and rear brake kits for the E90, E92 and E93 fits the following models: 320i, 325i, 330i and 335i.

Front Brake Kit:

£2,508.41 exc VAT

£3,010.09 inc VAT

Rear Brake Kit:

£2,099.41 exc VAT

£2,519.29 inc VAT