BMW M3 E92 Road & Race Oil Cooler Upgrades

The E92 M3 is formidable on road and track, and although BMW had good sense to fit an oil cooler at the front of the car, its performance and popularity with seasoned track users means that this oil cooler quickly struggles to control temperatures.

Existing oil coolers on the market use cheaper Bar & Plate designed cores which although larger than standard to not offer the latest in cooling technology and can restrict flow through to the radiator behind.

Our Road oil cooler fits in the stock location with no cutting, a completely direct fit, and can be fitted in under an hour. CAD designed in-house before 3D prints were made to insure a perfect fit. Our coolers feature CNC machined Billet End tanks which we weld to UK manufactured Tube & Fin cores for the very best in quality.

Not only is the Road cooler 30% larger and more efficient than the BMW unit but it also provides the option for either pre and post LCI variants which means no extra expensive pipework is required.

Our Road Oil cooler is ideal for customers looking to improve the cooling performance on the road and as track day cars.

We have also produced an even larger Race variant for more extreme track day and endurance race cars which is 60% larger than standard and only requires the smallest amount of trimming to install.

  • Fits in Stock location with no modification for the Road Cooler
  • Motorsport grade UK manufactured Aluminium core
  • Tube and fin core which allows improved airflow compared to the Chinese bar & plate cores currently on the market.
  • Billet end tanks and adaptors, fully welded in-house
  • 30% larger Road Core 690mm long x 130mm high x 45mm thick (Standard OE 690 x 100 x 42)
  • 60% larger Race Core 690mm x 160mm x 45mm thick - 2 litres of additional oil

Litchfield BMW M3 E92 Road Oil Cooler

£495.83 exc VAT

£595.00 inc VAT

Litchfield BMW M3 E92 Race Oil Cooler

£579.17 exc VAT

£695.00 inc VAT