Roll-Centre Correction Uni-Balls
(Bushes & Bearings)

BMW M3 E92

Litchfield's roll centre correction bushes are designed to correct the suspension geometry of the BMW e92 M3, which leads to a number of benefits, including:

Improved handling and stability: The roll centre correction bushes can help reduce body roll and improve turn-in response, resulting in improved handling and stability of the e92 M3.

Reduced understeer and oversteer: The correction bushes can help reduce understeer and oversteer, making the e92 M3 more balanced and predictable in cornering.

Better tire wear: With improved suspension geometry, the tires on the e92 M3 will be more evenly loaded, leading to less wear on the inside and outside edges of the tyres.

Increased driver confidence: By improving handling and stability, the driver will have increased confidence in the BMW e92 M3, leading to a more enjoyable and safer driving experience especially on track.

Enhanced suspension adjustability: The roll centre correction bushes can make the suspension on the BMW e92 M3 more adjustable, allowing for greater flexibility in suspension tuning to suit different driving styles and conditions.

Compatible with other suspension upgrades: The Litchfield roll centre correction bushes can be used in conjunction with other suspension upgrades, such as adjustable coil overs and sway bars, to further enhance the handling and performance of the e92 M3.

Litchfield's roll centre correction bushes can significantly enhance the handling, stability, and performance of the car, and can be a valuable upgrade for any owner looking to improve their driving experience.

  • 7075 aerospace aluminium bushes
  • 4 piece per car
  • Motorsport uniball bearings
  • Hard wearing and maintenance free
  • Hard Anodised
  • More mechanical grip
  • Better feedback
  • A More consistent and precise rear sub fame
  • More even weight distribution and improved tyre contact

Litchfield BMW M3 (E92) Roll-Centre Correction Uni-Balls (Bushes & Bearings)

£248.00 exc VAT

£297.60 inc VAT