LM Solid Sub-frame Bushes

BMW M3 E92

Litchfield's BMW M3 (E92) solid subframe bushes offer several key benefits over the stock rubber bushings found in the car's subframe.

Firstly, the solid design of these bushings helps to reduce unwanted subframe movement under heavy acceleration and cornering forces. This is achieved by eliminating the flex and deformation that can occur in rubber bushings, resulting in a more precise and predictable rear-end response.

Additionally, the solid construction of the Litchfield bushes provides improved durability and longevity over the stock rubber bushings, which can deteriorate and wear out over time. The solid design also ensures that there is no loss of alignment or movement within the bushing, which can occur with a worn or damaged rubber bushing.

The Litchfield solid subframe bushes are also engineered to provide a more direct and connected feel to the driver, as the solid construction helps to reduce unwanted compliance and slack in the rear suspension. This can result in a more precise and communicative handling experience, allowing the driver to better anticipate and respond to changes in the road surface or driving conditions.

Furthermore, the Litchfield bushes are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of performance driving. The use of precision-machined aluminum and high-grade polyurethane ensures that the bushes can handle the high loads and stresses associated with aggressive driving, while also reducing the likelihood of noise or vibration issues.

These solid subframe bushes provide a more precise, durable, and connected driving experience, making them an ideal upgrade for drivers seeking improved handling and performance from their E92 M3.

  • Billet 7075 aerospace aluminium bushes
  • 4 piece per car
  • Hard anodised
  • Replaces the original bushings without any need for further modifications
  • Reduces unwanted moment/flex in the rear sub-frame which in turn allows the suspension to work a lot more consistently.

LM Solid Sub-frame Bushes

£210.00 exc VAT

£252.00 inc VAT