M4 tuning

BMW M3/M4 (F80/82)

Our BMW M4 demonstrator was amongst the first in the UK and we’ve been putting it through its paces at the Nurburgring and Silverstone. Whilst the standard performance is excellent we knew we could develop the car further.

As one of Akrapovics’ leading dealers we were delighted to receive the UK’s first Evolution exhaust system for our BMW M4 demonstrator. The quality of Akrapovic exhausts is always exceptional but the M4 system in particular is exquisite; it is even available with its own dry carbon valance to compliment the quad carbon tail trims. It gives the M4 a much deeper more menacing tone and full throttle sounds superb.

At the same time as fitting the new exhaust we also took the opportunity to install our lowering springs before heading over to Silverstone GP circuit for a thorough testing and were fortunate to have our friend, customer and World Touring Car Champion Rob Huff helping us and giving our technicians invaluable feedback.

M4 silverstone testing 1
M4 silverstone testing 4

Stage 1

Litchfield Performance Box - 500 bhp

Our most popular upgrade for the F-series BMW M3 & M4 models is the Litchfield Performance Box. It is an incredibly simple method of increasing the power of the car without compromising your peace of mind. Like our Mercedes-AMG A45 equivalent it's 'Plug & Play’ setup means it can be removed quickly and reverted back to standard at any time. The price includes fitting at Litchfield.

£550.00 ex VAT

£660.00 inc VAT

Litchfield ECU Tuning - 520 bhp

For those customers looking for a more complete solution we also offer a fully re-calibrated ECU, providing a significant increase in power and torque. The software includes the latest BMW factory advances on models like the CS and GTS as well as including the additional burbles on the over run in Sport mode.  We are also able to remove the loud cold start routine for quieter starting.  This customised ECU mapping releases considerably more power than the tuning box and allows us to create a really smooth, driveable car. The ECU can now be tuned using the OBD port which offers fast programming or reverting back to standard.

£600.00 ex VAT

£720.00 inc VAT

M4 dyno 1
M4 dyno 2

Stage 2 - up to 525 bhp

Our Stage 2 upgrade uses a performance CAT back exhaust system to allow the engine to breathe more easily and comes with our Stage 2 ECU calibration to increase power and noise.

We offer a choice of exhaust options to suit each customer’s noise requirements and budget. All are European made provide similar performance improvements when combined with our ECU calibration. By retaining the original BMW Catalytic convertor in the turbo down pipes the cars retain their emissions and MOT compliance.

Derbyshire based Milltek Sport have been one of our oldest suppliers and offer superbly engineered solutions for a variety of our performance cars. The Milltek option is produced in full stainless steel system that not only flows better than the standard exhaust but also sound significantly better. The system uses Milltek’s existing and well-proven EC approved cat back technology, but with the added functionality of the latest valve technology, utilising OE spec BMW electronic valves in its construction – still controlled via the factory command systems.

Stage 2 with Milltek CAT back exhaust upgrade

£2,255.25 ex VAT

£2,706.30 inc VAT

Milltek exhaust (supply only)

£1,505.25 ex VAT

£1,806.30 inc VAT

Optional tail trim finishes

Cerakote Black trim

Titanium trim

£120.56 ex VAT

£332.16 ex VAT

The Remus cat-back exhaust system is also available for the BMW M3 and M4. The Remus system features a carefully designed x-pipe which removes the front silencer along with the secondary cats. The rear silencer includes 2 integrated valves which are controlled by the original servo motors.

M4 Remus exhaust 1
M4 Remus exhaust 2
M4 Remus exhaust 3
M4 Remus exhaust 4
M4 Remus exhaust 5
M4 Remus exhaust 6
M4 Remus exhaust 7
M4 Remus exhaust 8
M4 Remus exhaust 9

The system features a shot-blasted finish along with a choice of four different tail pipes designs.

The price below includes the Racing X-pipe, rear silencer (with stainless trims), fitment and an ECU remap to suit.

Stage 2 with Remus CAT Back exhaust upgrade

£3,242.00 ex VAT

£3,890.40 inc VAT

Remus Wolf Inside with Racing X-pipe (supplied only)

£2,247.00 ex VAT

£2,696.40 inc VAT

Akrapovic logo

Akrapovic Evolution Line

Our preferred choice for the BMW M3 / M4 is the gorgeous titanium Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system. This is the system we have installed on our own M4 demonstrator. As well as delivering power gains throughout the rev range, the Evolution system also greatly improves the M3/M4's appearance and sound. A healthy weight loss of around 7 kg over standard helps along with significantly improved exhaust gas flow. The exhaust uses original valve motor system so does not need extra wiring.

M4 Akrapovic evo 1
M4 Akrapovic evo 2
M4 Akrapovic evo 3
M4 Akrapovic evo 4
M4 Akrapovic evo 5
M4 Akrapovic evo 6

The price includes the slip-on system, evolution pipes, tail trims, fitting and ECU remap.

Stage 2 with Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system upgrade

£5,711.97 ex VAT

£6,854.36 inc VAT

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System (supplied only)

£4,961.97 ex VAT

£5,954.36 inc VAT

Stage 3 - M3/M4 Akrapovic Downpipes - 540 bhp

M4 Akrapovic Downpipe

Stage 3 unleashes the full potential of the BMW M3 / M4 turbos and increases power to a reliable 540 bhp and 530 lbft. Stage 3 is designed for off road use only and uses the full de-CAT down pipes to give the maximum back pressure reduction for increased power and response. The Akrapovic downpipes feature a cast V-band collector and welded heat shielding for improved flow, reliability and heat retention.

For use with any of the exhausts we offer, Akrapovic downpipe (stainless steel) and a full ECU recalibration will give significant gains and also benefits from a 3 kg weight reduction.

Stage 3 upgrade using Akrapovic Downpipes with exhaust option:

Stage 3 with Akrapovic Downpipes and Milltek exhaust

£3,628.27 ex VAT

£4,353.92 inc VAT

Stage 3 with Akrapovic Downpipes and Remus exhaust

£4,615.02 ex VAT

£5,538.02 inc VAT

Stage 3 with Akrapovic Downpipes and Akrapovic exhaust

£7,084.99 ex VAT

£8,501.99 inc VAT

Customers looking for more noise and improved performance can also just opt for the Akrapovic downpipes with the original exhaust system. Whilst power levels will drop to around 525 bhp with our Stage 3 remap this represents a very cost effective way to improve both noise and performance.

The price below is for the downpipe (not including a catback exhaust), fitted (based on 4 hours) with ECU mapping to suit. Please note that this removes all catalytic convertors from your car and should therefore be used for ‘off road’ use only.

Stage 3 with Akrapovic downpipes without exhaust system

£1,973.02 ex VAT

£2,367.62 inc VAT

Akrapovic downpipes (supply only)

£1,073.02 ex VAT

£1,287.62 inc VAT

litchfield logo

Litchfield M4 Springs

Litchfield Performance Springs

Extensively tested on road and track, with input from WTCC Champion Rob Huff, our superb lowering spring kit for the M3/M4 improves the grip and handling of the car whilst retaining the ride quality. Combined with Eibach spacers, the wheels now perfectly suit the arches. If fitted here at Litchfield, we also re-align your M3 or M4 to our own settings.

£235.00 ex VAT

Eibach logo

M4 Eibach spacers

Eibach Spacers

High quality hub-centric spacers from Eibach for the M3 and M4. 12mm and 15mm spacers supplied with longer wheel bolts and a set of locking bolts to suit.

£214.30 ex VAT

bilstein logo
M4 bilstein b16

Bilstein B16 Damptronic (EDC cars only)

For the next level of handling upgrade we would recommend the B16 Damptronic. It's aimed at those drivers who want a faster road setup but who also venture on to the track from time to time. Drivers can simply switch between 'Comfort' and 'Sport' modes at the push of a button, using the car's built-in EDC system.

  • Sport mode for excellent driving dynamics and maximum power reserves in all situations
  • Comfort mode creates smooth compensation for uneven surfaces
  • Threaded body adjustable range of 20 mm at both axles, while installed
  • Lowering of approx. 30-40 mm at front, 5-25mm at rear
  • Road-tested by BILSTEIN under motor sports conditions and fine-tuned
  • Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology for long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • Quality sport springs made from highly durable material
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube / Upside-Down technology, made in Germany
  • German TÜV certificate

POA Please Call

Michelin logo

Michelin Pilot sport cup 2

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

This semi-slick tyre is aimed primarily for track use but is also superb on the road and is standard fit on the Ferrari 458 Speciale, Porsche 918 and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black amongst others.






Alcon F80 Disc

Performance Brakes

Similar to the GT-R, we have turned to our long-term braking partners to create a solution for the F80 series M3/M4. We offer the superb Alcon replacement discs assemblies with Pagid RS pads for track use or Ferodo DS2500 pads for the road. Prices are for the parts supplied only.

Front Discs (Pair)

Rear Discs (Pair)

£795.00 ex VAT

£995.00 ex VAT

Front Pagid RS pads

Rear Pagid RS pads

£320.56 ex VAT

£251.22 ex VAT

Front DS2500 pads

Rear DS2500 pads

£156.85 ex VAT

£157.25 ex VAT