Certified Detailer and Partner

We are proud to say we are a Gyeon Certified detailer and partner, enabling us to apply their state of the coatings to bring an unrivalled lustre to your exterior finish.

Gyeon provide a range of cleaning and detailing products designed to protect and enhance the look you’re your vehicle.

Our skilled Technicians have a meticulous attention to detail and training that let them get the very best out of the Gyeon range. We have invested in our own body shop and detailing studio to care for every aspect of your cars bodywork.

For those customer looking to maintain their cars at home we also carry a large range of Gyeon products in stock.

Contact our service team now to see how we can assist you look after the appearance of your vehicle.

In a world where detail counts we have you covered.

Underbody Cleaning & Lanoguard Protection

It is easy to forget about the parts that you don’t see but with the value in collecting specialist performance cars it pays to look after all areas of your pride and joy.

As part of our continuous investment we now have expanded our exterior services into looking after and protect the underside with a dedicated facility.

With the UK’s seasonal weather conditions and harsh salt covered winter roads it is important to clean and protect your investment. Some of the latest performance cars actually have relatively little underbody protection which can lead to accelerated corrosion over time.

Our system involves removing and cleaning all the trays and wheel arch liners before thoroughly cleaning the underside of the chassis which a choice selection of products and techniques including Ice Blasting. Once clean we apply Lanoguard’s underbody rust protection kits.

Lanoguard’s rust protection kits provide everything need to help protect your vehicle’s underbody/chassis from rust and corrosion. Lanoguard is a UK-made solution that provides long-lasting results. It can be applied directly on surface rust, and rest assured it’s safe for rubbers, plastics, and electric components – even the exhaust.

The time taken and the cost for this process varies on the size and complexity of your vehicle. Our service team will be happy to discuss the various options and how we can help you look after your car.

Litchfield cleaning and Lanoguard process being completed on Chris Harris’s GT3 Touring:

Litchfield Ice Blasting

The ultimate in Eco-friendly restoration and cleaning is available in our dedicated workshop. Here we are able to prepare and restore the interior, engine bay and underbody of your car with the latest Dry Ice technology and trained Technicians.

Discover the future of cleaning and surface preparation with Litchfield – we’re proud to introduce our cutting-edge Ice Blasting service. Gone are the days of messy, harmful chemicals and traditional cleaning methods. Ice Blasting provides a superior, environmentally-friendly, and efficient solution for your vehicle.

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry Ice Blasting is able to remove dirt, grime and grease to rust/oxidisation, overspray and coatings. Better yet, this treatment is safe to use on paint, metal, plastic and rubber so it is the ideal for use in looking after your vehicle.

The process works by sending soft CO2 pellets at high pressure onto the surface in question. Upon contact the pellets immediately turn to gas, this rapid expansion and the extreme temperature (-80°C) thermally shocks the contaminants, causing them to lose adhesion with the surface.

Why choose Litchfield’s Ice Blasting?

1. No Chemicals: Say goodbye to harmful chemicals. Our Ice Blasting technology uses pellets made from frozen CO2, ensuring no chemical or water residues are left behind.

2. Efficient and Fast: Whether it’s classic car chassis, intricate engine bays, or any worn interiors, our technology ensures rapid and thorough cleaning.

3. Safe: Ideal for various surfaces without causing any damage. Preserve the integrity and lifespan of your vehicle. The Ice vaporises almost immediately on contact leaving only the cleaned surface behind

4. Cost-effective: Less time require by our technicians and minimal wastage means a cost saving on your cleaning job.

Embrace the next generation of cleaning with Litchfield’s Ice Blasting service. Contact our service team with any questions about how we can help you with your car.