The Ferrari 488 has received universal critical acclaim and represents a substantial evolution from the previous 458 model. The 488 receives the new 3.9 litre twin turbo charged engine, which delivers a significant performance increase over the normally aspirated V8.

Where once a Ferrari’s headline NA power figures could be a touch optimistic this new turbo engine offers excellent performance. However, like all modern turbo charged engines there is a huge amount of untapped performance waiting to be released.

We offer two straight forward power upgrades for 488:

Stage 1 - 700 bhp

Our fully re-calibrated ECU will provide a significant increase in power and torque. We've fine tuned the calibration on our in-house Dyno as well as spending considerable time on the road perfecting its driveability and manners. We have made sure that our calibration carefully liberates the 488 power potential without putting any unnecessary stress on the engine and delivering a smooth and controlled throttle response.

We feel we have developed the ultimate software upgrade for 488 owners looking for Hypercar levels of performance.

Stage 1

£995.00 exc VAT

£1,194.00 inc VAT

Stage 2 - 730 bhp

Combining our Stage 2 software upgrade with Akrapovic’s stunning titanium exhaust system produces further gains in performance and theatre. The free flowing exhaust system features large diameter sports cats and redesigned silencer which lets the engine breath more freely and allows the turbos to spool faster and with greatly reduced back pressure.

Once installed the 488 can show its true potential, no turbo engine has sounded this good before!

Stage 2 including fitting

£9,682.00 exc VAT

£11,618.40 inc VAT