Civic Tuning


Honda Civic Type R (FK2)

Impressed though we are with the FK2 Honda Civic in standard form, due to it's new tubo charged engine we were always going to be interested in at least re-mapping the K20C1 from it's normal 306BHp.


Stage 1 - 340BHp / 360lbft

A simple OBDII remap is not achievable at the moment and we have to bench remap the engine ecu after removing it from the vehicle. The extra effort is worth it as the remap achieves 340BHP and a huge 360lbft of torque.

Stage 1

£729.66 ex VAT


Litchfield can supply and fit a replacement uprated intercooler from Forge Motorsport for the FK2. It is 100% larger than standard, includes ducting to the standard bumper, uses the standard mounting points and features cast end tanks that match to the OEM boost hoses.

Total fitting time is around 3 hours. This part is available as mail order as it does not need a remap to work on a standard car.

We can also supply and fit the Forge Motorsport engine oil cooler, based around a Setrab cooler unit. A remote thermostat (set to 80 degrees) controls the oil flow into the cooler as there is not space to use a normal thermostatic sandwich plate. Anodised AN-8 fittings, braided hoses and a full fitting kit are included in this excellent kit.

Forge Intercooler

£620.77 ex VAT

Forge Oil Cooler

£507.97 ex VAT

Exhaust Systems

We supply two different exhaust systems for the Civc Type R, Remus 'Wolf Inside' valved system with a sound controller (carbon or stainless tips) and a full Milltek system, including downpipe with 200 cell Sport catalytic convertor or decat.

Stage 1

£875.60 inc. VAT