The latest addition to our workshop equipment is the Hunter Road Force ® Elite wheel balancer. This advanced new machine provides the latest in wheel balancing that not only measures the wheel in the traditional way but also applies a simulated road force to optimise the wheel and tyre combination.

Being able to improve this critical aspect of the car gives a huge range of benefits and will enhance your enjoyment of your vehicle.

Why Balance?

Road Force ® Elite at-a-glance:

  • Perform a Road Force ® test and balance faster than any traditional balancer.
  • Eliminate error opportunities with the patented laser vision system.
  • Solve vibration problems and provide the "new car ride" using the diagnostic load roller.
  • ForceMatch® optimises the wheel and tyre imperfections.
  • StraightTrak® suggest wheel placement to reduce tyre pull conditions.
  • Ensure proper centering with patented automatic CenteringCheck®.
  • Maximize efficiency using SmartWeight® technology.
  • True self-calibration with patented eCal auto-calibration.

Understanding SmartWeight®

The proliferation of much larger, wider tape-weight only style wheels poses problems for traditional dynamic balancing. Traditional balancers place equal emphasis on single plane/static (hop) and dual plane/dynamic (wobble) forces.

Road Force® Elite Diagnostic Wheel Balancer from Hunter Engineering

Hunter's Road Force ® Elite is the fastest diagnostic wheel balancer on the market and performs both a traditional balance and Road Force Measurement ® in less time than it takes to complete a conventional balance.

Road Force ® Elite Vision System

Hunter's patented Vision technology provides more benefits in less time. These automated features reduces errors with the following benefits:

  • Faster Balancing - Eliminates manual dimension entry and runout measurement to save time.

  • Higher-quality Balance - Patented algorithms enhance precision and provide better appearance by hiding wheel weights.

  • Reduced Operator Error - Automatically measures wheel dimensions, checks for wheel center, and selects weight mode and measures rim runout.

1. Wheel Dimensions - Automatically determines weight plane locations

2. Weight Mode - Selects clip or tape weight usage

3. Rim Runout - Calculates ForceMatch® solution

4. Rim Profiled - Creates a three-dimensional model of the rim

5. SmartWeight® Optimized - Allows more single-weight solutions

6. Spoke Location - Prioritizes hiding tape weights behind spokes


Road Force balancing is included with tyre supply and fitment.

If you would like your existing wheels and tyres rebalanced this is charged at our normal hourly rate.