2021 Polestar 2 Long Range Performance Edition

Our Polestar 2 Long Range Performance Edition is up for sale.  With a new car arriving early next year we thought now was the time to advertise our car.

This top of the range model has been our family car for the last two years and has been faultless.  The quick charging and long battery range has made it the exceptionally practical but being the Performance variant it has an impressive turn of pace when required.  The Ohlins suspension ride well and being from the same Volvo family the whole car feels exceptionally well built. We bought this car direct from Polestar with just 5,000miles and it is in superb condition with just over 35,000miles on the clock.

The Polestar 2 Performance Edition comes with several upgrades and enhancements over the regular models, making it a more dynamic and luxurious option. Here are the key additional features:

Öhlins Dual Flow Valve Shock Absorbers: These high-performance dampers provide improved handling and ride quality. They are manually adjustable, allowing drivers to fine-tune the suspension to their preference. – Litchfield settings applied

Brembo Brakes: The Performance Edition features upgraded Brembo brakes, which offer superior stopping power and better brake feel. This is especially beneficial for spirited driving and enhances safety.

Forged 20-inch Alloy Wheels: These larger and lighter wheels not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the car but also improve handling and performance due to reduced unsprung weight.

Gold Accents: The Performance Edition is distinguished by unique gold accents, including gold seat belts, gold valve caps, and gold brake calipers. These details add a touch of exclusivity and visual appeal.

These features collectively make the Polestar 2 Performance Edition a more performance-oriented vehicle, offering a more engaging driving experience and enhanced aesthetics compared to the standard models.

If you are looking for a fun, well made and luxurious EV we would strongly recommend the Polestar2