Lotus Emira Tuning

Like many performance car fans we have been eagerly awaiting an all new model from Lotus and when they announced the car at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed we were one of the first to put a deposit down. We have always believed it is vital to own and drive the cars we working with so we can fully understand how they respond in daily use as well as more extreme, dyno and track testing.

With many of our customers wanting an engaging, driver focused sports car the Emira is the ideal candidate for our development time. We will initially work with the Supercharged V6 model and then purchase the 2.0 Turbo AMG variant when it is launched.

As soon as our First Edition V6 car arrived in February 2023 we began work with our suppliers and this section of our website will continue to grow as new products are completed.

We will have more information on the development of these new products on our blog and Social Media channels.

Milltek Catback Exhaust System

Introducing the Milltek Exhaust System for the Lotus Emira V6: A Symphony of Performance and Sound, developed in conjunction with Litchfield

We are excited to unveil the all-new Milltek exhaust system for the Lotus Emira V6, created in close collaboration with ourselves using our development vehicle and remit. Upon driving the Emira for the first time, our team's initial assessment was that it lacked the acoustic excitement expected from a mid-engine V6.

As one of Milltek Sport's largest and most enduring partners, we approached them to develop a system that would enhance the exhaust character for customers seeking a more engaging sound without excessive noise or drone during cruising. To achieve this, we opted for a valved system that not only reduces back pressure to boost engine performance but also offers weight savings compared to the original system. Following several iterations on our Emira, Milltek has crafted a remarkable upgrade.

The Emira V6 Milltek exhaust system, fabricated from aircraft-grade stainless steel, is designed to seamlessly fit existing exhaust mounts. The cat-back system features free-flowing three-inch pipework, 2.5-inch outlet pipes, and a 1kg weight reduction compared to the stock exhaust. While maintaining the Emira's original visual appearance, the Milltek exhaust system delivers substantial enhancements in performance and sound that distinguish your vehicle from the rest. Experience the perfect fusion of power and acoustic harmony that Milltek is renowned for and elevating your Lotus Emira 3.5L V6 Supercharged experience on both road and track.

For customers seeking even greater performance on Track, we offer the GPF/OPF bypass pipe, which further reduces weight by 1.7kg while preserving the original catalytic converter. The GPF/OPF Bypass pipe is designed for Motorsport use only.

Elevate your Lotus Emira V6 with the Milltek exhaust system and experience the difference today.

The power graphs are taken from our Maha MSR dyno and show the differences between the Milltek CAT back exhaust with Milltek OPF/GPF Delete, the Milltek exhaust with standard OPF/GPF in place and the completed standard exhaust system. All power runs are using the standard ECU without tuning and on 97 Octane fuel:

  • 388 bhp Standard exhaust – Dotted line
  • 396 bhp Milltek exhaust with stock OPF/GPF left in place – Thin line
  • 409 bhp Milltek exhaust with Milltek OPF/GPF Delete – Thick line

Catback System

Catback System

Catback System

Catback System

Catback System

GPF/OPF Bypass Pipe (Track Only)

GPF/OPF Bypass Pipe (Track Only)

Milltek Catback with GPF/OPF Bypass - Valves Open

Milltek Catback with GPF/OPF Bypass - Valves Closed


Milltek Catback Exhaust System with remote control valves

£1,830.00 exc VAT

£2,196.00 inc VAT

Milltek GPF/OPF Bypass Pipe (Motorsport Use Only)

£195.00 exc VAT

£234.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Fitting Charge

£178.00 exc VAT

£213.60 inc VAT

Litchfield / Nitron Emira V6 Suspension Kit

Introducing the All-New Litchfield Suspension Kit for the Lotus Emira V6

We at Litchfield are thrilled to announce our latest suspension kit designed exclusively for the Lotus Emira V6. As one of the first areas of focus for our own Emira, we sought to refine its suspension setup to provide an unparalleled driving experience and a significant upgrade from the factory setup. The V6 Emira comes with the option of either Touring springs for a softer ride or Track springs as part of the Track Pack. We chose the latter and after spending time testing it on the road we felt there was tremendous potential for improvement in both ride quality and handling characteristics. The standard Emira V6 also sits relatively high in its stance with large gap around the wheel arches even with the Track Pack springs and Cup 2 tyres.

To develop our new suspension solution for the Emira, we collaborated with our esteemed partners at Nitron Racing. Renowned for their competition successes and serving as OE suppliers to major manufacturers (including Lotus for the high-performance Exige), Nitron has an unparalleled understanding of the Lotus platform.

The Emira shares numerous chassis components with the previous Evora, which served as our foundation. Following extensive testing of internal valving and spring rates, we have finalized a setup that dramatically improves ride quality and comfort, while also enhancing body control and stability during spirited drives.

The Litchfield suspension kit features Nitron's R1 2-way damper design, offering 24 clicks of adjustment range for precise control. The Nitron damper bodies also include length adjustment, which, combined with the adjustable spring platform, allows for even greater ride height customisation. This allows the perfect adjustment of height front and rear for a lower centre of gravity, change in rake and improved aesthetics all whilst maintain a useable ride height for speed bumps etc.

For those looking to transform the ride and handling of their Lotus Emira V6, the Litchfield suspension kit is the ideal addition.


Litchfield / Nitron Emira V6 Suspension Kit

£2,160.00 exc VAT

£2,592.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Fitting Price

Includes corner weighting and Litchfield laser alignment. Approximate install time of 5-7 hours due to increased adjustment options.

£425.00 exc VAT

£510.00 inc VAT