AMG C63 tuning


(C/S/W204: 2008-2015)

Even though it has a huge 6.3L V8 engine and between 457 and 487 bhp, for some C63 AMG (204) owners this is not enough. Litchfield are happy to bring their power level up to that of the DR520 limited edition and we are also able to tune the 507 and Black Series variants.

Litchfield ECU Remap

We are able to fully OBD custom remap the C63 AMG (204) standard ecu. This will lift power by 40 bhp on a standard car and 60 bhp on a car with the Milltek downpipes and secondary decat pipes fitted.

The graph to the right is a remap on a car fitted with the Milltek Downpipes and decat exhaust parts. As standard this demo car made 450.1 bhp and 417.3 lbft, so a little lower than Mercedes' stated figures.

C63 AMG Powergraph

Litchfield Remap

£500.00 ex VAT

Milltek logo

Milltek Sport offer secondary CAT delete exhaust options for the C63 AMG (204). This is a simple, very cost effective secondary decat, giving a slight power increase and more sound on full throttle. The power and torque increase is over the entire rev range without the sound becoming intrusive into the cabin. This option will retain the standard Mercedes rear exhaust system and fit all models. The secondary decat pipes take around an hour to fit and works superbly with our remap to produce over 500bhp.

Milltek Secondary Decat

£393.52 ex VAT

Akrapovic logo

Akrapovič Slip-On Line - Titanium

C63 Akrapovic slip-on 1
C63 Akrapovic slip-on 2
C63 Akrapovic slip-on 3
C63 Akrapovic slip-on 4

This monster of a car from AMG with its massive 6.3 litre V8, rear-wheel-drive rocket does more than just quicken your pulse. Add an Akrapovič exhaust system for even more visceral pleasure. The Slip-On system replaces the stock mufflers from the axle back and is precision-made of our proprietary titanium. This special alloy is also used for the rear collectors, which are cast at our own foundry. Significant weight reductions are achieved, and power delivery is improved especially across the low to mid rev range. The sound is enhanced too, and the true character of the car is brought to life by adding our system. Complete the look with a set of four exquisite tailpipes in titanium; the bezels for these tips are cast at our foundry.

The Slip-On Line is 8.5 kg lighter and makes 5 bhp and 8.5 lbft over standard. Fitting is around 2 hours

Akrapovič Slip-On Line

£2,479.87 ex VAT

Akrapovič Evolution Line - Titanium

C63 Akrapovic Evo 1
C63 Akrapovic Evo 2
C63 Akrapovic Evo 3
C63 Akrapovic Evo 4
C63 Akrapovic Evo 5
C63 Akrapovic Evo 6
C63 Akrapovic Evo 7

Stepping up to our Evolution performance exhaust system, there are further gains to be had in terms of power delivery and weight reduction for the C63 AMG. The sound is also deeper and more aggressive. The Evolution exhaust system is notably louder than the Slip-On, but it’s still perfectly suitable for day-to-day driving. The Evolution system is precision-made of our proprietary titanium: we include the mufflers from the Slip-On system and then add a lightweight link pipe assembly that incorporates integrated resonators. The mounting points are the same and the system fits perfectly.

The Evolution Line is 19.3 kg lighter and makes 11 bhp and 16 lbft over standard. Fitting is around 3 hours

Akrapovič Evolution Line

£4,265.38 ex VAT

C63 Akrapovic fitting
C63 road testing