The Morgan is one of the truly great sports cars offering driver thrills from its lightweight construction, spritely engines and rear wheel drive chassis. The 2019+ Plus 6 switched this chassis to their newer bonded aluminium architecture, independent suspension and potent BMW B58 turbo charged 3.0 litre straight six engine. We are proud at Litchfield to have been ask by the Morgan factory to work on a number of projects including the latest Plus 6. We were leant a development car for testing and from here we have produced a number of simple but affective upgrades that will transform any Plus 6. Increasing the performance from the B58 engine is something we do on a daily bases so we have created a Morgan specific calibration that will improve driveability as well as peak performance. One of the biggest changes we made to the Morgan Plus 6 was fitting our revised suspension kit that drastically improves ride quality and comfort as well enhancing the chassis control when pushing on. We have more information on these upgrades below:

Litchfield Stage 1 ECU Remap – 405 bhp / 380 lbft

The BMW B58 Twinscroll turbo engine is one of the most impressive power units we have worked with. Here at Litchfield we know this engine really well as it is fitted to our own M140i and Toyota Supra development vehicles. The engine has so much untapped potential that its standard 335bhp and 369lbft is dramatically increased with just our calibration changes and because of this we see these engines in for tuning every day. This understanding and experience was passed onto our Morgan development program. Where we have concentrated on improving driveability as well as outright performance.

Our software upgrade for the Plus 6 provides a massive increase in power and carefully judged torque curve through re-calibrated ECU. Power is increased by 70bhp and torque is increased by 120lbft at 2,800rpm and 60lbft at 6,400rpm which provides a much wider and more useable power band. After hours on the dyno and road we provide the car with significantly improved throttle response, adjustability and performance. Our throttle mapping is even the preferred option on the Plus 6 Race cars.

Programming of the ECU can be completed through the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port so more time can be spent on honing the calibration. It also means we can revert the car back to standard at any time by uploading the original file.

Litchfield Stage 1

£600.00 exc VAT

£720.00 inc VAT

Litchfield / Nitron Morgan Suspension Kit

When accessing the Plus 6 we found the original suspension to be underdamped and the damper would frequently bottom out on the bumpstop. This would send a shock into the tyre and make the handling and ride quality unpredictable at best. We worked with our suspension partner at Nitron to develop a new damper and spring combination that eliminated these issues and drastically improves ride quality and comfort as well enhancing the chassis control when driving spiritedly.

The suspension kit we showcased to Nitron transforms the chassis. Now the ride is more comfortable as it flows with the road, all while giving the driver consistent feedback. When driving briskly the body control is much improved which gives the driver much great confidence in the chassis response.

(Example image)

Our Nitron suspension kit is based on their proven R1 2-way damper design with our custom internal shim stack. This can be adjusted through a range of 24 clicks to offer even finer control and bespoke setup to each drivers preference. The Nitron Damper bodies also have adjustment to change the length so combined with the adjustable spring platform we can offer even great ride height options.

Nitron Race suspension systems are the UK’s premiere suspension manufacturer and as well as numerous competition success are also OE suppliers to companies such as Lotus and since our suspension development Nitron are now directly supplying the Morgan factory with a version of the damper we developed.

Litchfield / Nitron Morgan Plus Six suspension kit

£1,995.00 exc VAT

£2,394.00 inc VAT

Fitting price with corner weighting and Litchfield laser alignment

Approx. install time 5-7 hours due to increased adjustment options.

£425.00 exc VAT

£510.00 inc VAT

Brake Upgrade

The standard Morgan brakes attempt to slow the car but as most owners will know they are not the cars strong point. Simply changing the pad to a quality brand significantly improved the performance and confidence in the brakes.

We offer two options for the Plus Six:

Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads

Road Use / Occassional Trackday

£144.17 exc VAT

£173.00 inc VAT

Pagid RS29 Front Pads

Track Use

£310.70 exc VAT

£372.84 inc VAT