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We are delighted to announce the Litchfield 2018 Track Edition. The follow up to our limited edition and critically acclaimed GT-R LM20 released at Autosport in 2017.

We believe the Track Edition is the sweet spot in the GT-R range, but with only 4 cars being sold last year in the UK it perhaps hasn't received the attention it deserves. Our version of the Track Edition takes the basic formula up a few notches with more power and improved handling.

The Litchfield Track Edition benefits from our years of experience in producing bespoke versions of incredible machines. Growing on the the success of our previous special editions like the Impreza Type 25 and GT-R LM20, we believe the Litchfield Track Edition will be another classic delivering a hugely rewarding driving experience.

Full details below and photos to follow shortly.

The Perfect Canvas

Nissan market their Track Edition as “Engineered by NISMO for better on-track performance” and therefore makes the ideal starting point for our new higher performance variant. The standard Nissan Track Edition features the chassis enhancements of the full Nismo model including:

  • Wider front track
  • Wider front wings
  • Seam welded and reinforced chassis
  • Larger hubs and wheel studs
  • Nismo front suspension arms
  • Nismo/Bilstein damptronic suspension
  • Hollow upgraded anti roll bars
  • Lightweight and wider Nismo forged alloy wheels (-2.5kg each)
  • Dunlop N1 Tyres
  • Lightweight carbon rear spoiler
  • Track Edition interior build plaque
  • Optional Carbon rear boot lid
  • Optional Carbon backed Recaro seats

Comfortably More Powerful

640 PS (631 bhp) and 813 Nm (600 lbft) provide the headline numbers but only hints at the performance available at any moment. 500 lb-ft at just 2,400 rpm and 600 lb-ft by 2,800 rpm – 5,000rpm frame the instant torque available and demonstrates just how broad the standard Litchfield Track Editions power band is. Optional performance packages are also available for customers wanting even more fire power.

Our years of experience with GT-R enhancement have created a choice list of modifications. These improve the way the engine breathes and delivers fuel and combined with painstaking attention to detail within its multiple ECU calibrations results in enhanced power, efficiency and economy. Additional sensors monitor fuel pressure and intercooler efficiency before adjusting the mapping accordingly for optimum performance.

Free from its original shackles, Nissan's masterpiece of an engine can realise its true potential.

0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, 0-100 mph in 6.4 seconds and a 200 mph+ top speed is hypercar territory.

Controlled Power

Producing a car with this engine power requires careful control at its heart so that maximum performance can be extracted in any conditions. The dynamics and power delivery of the Track Edition can be tailored in an instance.

The unique Litchfield stability control strategy along with our advanced traction control system combines to produce staggering cross country and track dynamics. Strategies that along with fuel octane and power levels that can be changed on the fly from either the steering wheel or smart phone.

The Litchfield Track Edition features a further 10 mm wider track over the base car which helps both the handling performance but also allows the 20” Nismo wheels to better fill the wheel arches.

The suspension is replaced with our own Bilstein Damptronic dampers, which work with the existing interior switch so the driver can choose between Comfort, Normal and Race modes. This is the second generation dampers we produced for the LM20 and they feature Bilstein’s latest internals built to our own specifications. These V2 dampers allow us to keep the higher level of ride quality in comfort mode but increase the rate in Race mode for better track performance. The springs are customer made by Eibach and feature stiffer front and rear springs. These have a progressive design and when combined with our stiffer (and still hollow) anti roll bars they give the Track Edition much better body control. The ride height is adjustable and the default setup is 10 mm lower than the standard GT-R bringing further dynamic improvements.

Along with the spring and damper changes is the inclusion to our handling kit that subtly changes the wheel base and front suspension geometry. This results in drastically improved steering feel and return to centre weighting which helps driver confidence. The change in geometry gives a more fluid turning arc and a better tyre contract patch through the bend which generates more front grip as well as straight line stability and traction.

External Form and Function

External upgrades to the Track Edition complement the standard dry carbon rear spoiler. We have added our LM20 front lip spoiler which aids both downforce and drag with side blades that help shape the air passing down the side of the car. At the rear of the car we have added our Dry carbon rear bumper insert which has air vents directly above the titanium exhaust system to help remove both the heat and air pressure from behind the rear bumper and aid cooling across the gearbox transaxle. The dry carbon grill blade also matches both the lip spoiler, bumper grill and rear spoiler.

The Complete Package

With our comprehensive understanding, the original GT-R quality, our workmanship and enhanced components allow us to confidently provide 3-year warranty* cover on all Litchfield Track Editions. The warranty even covers official GT-R Driver’s Club Track days.


Litchfield GT-R Track Edition

£98,895 OTR

Popular options:

Metallic paint

£875 inc VAT

Ultimate Silver paint

£1,775 inc VAT

Katsura Orange paint

£1,775 inc VAT

Black Recaro sports leather seats with carbon backs

£6,000 inc VAT

Carbon fibre boot lid

£750.00 inc VAT