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In 2011 Alcon released their successful Superkit which transformed the Nissan GT-R’s braking performance. The huge Superkit brake kit replaced most of the GT-R brake system with new and CNC 6 pot calipers machined from solid billet and 400mm front discs at the front, together with larger 4 pot calipers working 380mm discs at the rear, and of course new pads and lines all round. The only downside to the Superkit was the cost of manufacturing

Jump forward 7 years and Alcon have developed a number of new machining techniques that have allowed them to optimize caliper designs for large mainstream manufacturers, the aftermarket, and race teams alike. This new understanding led to the development of the new Alcon RC6 and RC4 Calipers which in turn has allowed us to revisit our GT-R options.

We are proud to introduce the Alcon Big Brake kit, the new brake system for the Nissan GT-R.

This new Alcon kit features the latest CAR70 Calipers which are beautifully machined from Forged Alloy and have been optimized for use with the Nissan GT-R, featuring massive industry leading 412mm X 36mm Alcon front discs and larger 380mm X 33mm rear discs, both with lightweight aluminium bells.

Both front and rear calipers feature staggered pistons in order to ensure even pad wear, the pistons are also made from a proprietary steel, a material known for having exemplary thermal resistance when utilised in braking applications. Other design traits intended to help both calipers weather the extreme temperatures generated by hard braking include unique weatherproof seals, and an internal fluid passage way that negates the need for an external bridging pipe. 

As many customers will be looking to use their Nissan GT-Rs on track, the brake kit comes standard with the excellent harder wearing Pagid RS29 pads, and with further pad options available soon.  The kit has been enhanced to provide the same performance as the proven Alcon Superkit.

We have been testing the new setup on our own Nissan GT-R Track Edition and are really impressed with not just the increased stopping power but also the pedal feel from the brakes.

alcon brake test

Caliper Features:

  • Front: RC6 (CAR70) – Two piece 6 piston forged caliper Rear: RC4 (CAR69) – Two piece 4 piston forged caliper
  • 6 piston design for high stiffness (firm pedal) with low weight
  • Piston bore sizes are staggered to ensure even pad wear
  • 7% larger piston area on front calipers and 11% larger piston area on the rear calipers
  • Pin-mounted pads provide low threshold pressure and low noise
  • Pads formulated for excellent resistance to fade at elevated temperatures
  • Strong cold performance for start up and city driving
  • Low noise
  • No additional parts are required to install this Big Brake kit to your GT-R, all brackets, braided hoses and fixings are included.

alcon superkit disc

Disc Features:

  • Front: 412x36mm semi floating disc assembly with “C” grooves and lightweight aluminium bells.
  • Front discs offer a 9.6% larger radius which gives an additional 17% increase in available brake torque.
  • Rear: 380x33mm semi floating disc assembly with “C” grooves.
  • 10.6% increase in available brake torque.
  • Two piece design featuring aerospace specification alloy bells for high strength with minimum weight.
  • Discs of unique iron alloy developed by Alcon to provide an optimum combination of bite, thermal stability and durability.
  • Unique crescent grooves on friction faces provide the bite usually associated with drilled discs without the attendant durability problems.
  • Directional curved cooling vanes for optimum cooling performance.
  • Alcon's floating disc system designed to allow thermal expansion of the disc throughout its life while minimising the tendency to judder.


ALCON GT-R Big Brake Kit