GTR Alcon CCX Brakes


Alcon CCX sets a new benchmark in lightweight brake technology. The Alcon CCX disc material is less than half the mass of a similarly sized iron rotor providing significant improvements in vehicle performance, agility and steering feel.

Due to the significantly higher brake torque made available to the driver, Alcon CCX requires reduced pedal effort when compared to the OE brakes, in turn leading to greater control. In addition, the brakes are fade resistant, giving your Nissan GT-R better feel and predictability than OE brakes, which can fade relatively quickly during spirited driving. Furthermore, Alcon CCX offers lower wear rates for both discs and pads, providing a level of consistency previously only available with racing brakes.

As a result of their unique design, Alcon CCX does not suffer from premature cracking, nor does the brake need to be hot to deliver great “bite”. Traditionally, carbon ceramic brakes suffer from both these drawbacks, making them better suited for the track than the road. Alcon CCX is excellent in either environment.

alcon ccx caliper
alcon ccx disc

Alcon CCX specifications:

  • 400mm front ventilated cross drilled CCX discs mounted to stainless steel bells.
  • 385mm rear ventilated.
  • New 6 piston monobloc billet front callipers fitted with Alcon CCX-1 pads.
  • 6 piston monobloc billet front callipers fitted with Alcon CCX-1 pads.
  • Complete with all the hardware to enable fitment under the OE 20 inch GT-R wheels.

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