After months of testing with our in-house demonstrator, Litchfield and Alcon developed the high performance brake system for the incredible Nissan GT-R (R35) which was released in 2011.

This ultra high performance brake kit is designed specifically to enhance the braking capabilities of very high performance road cars in a direct replacement package, this Alcon Super kit integrates advanced technology derived from Alcon's involvement in top level motorsport, including F1, World Rally Championship, NASCAR and Japanese GT racing. Alcon have insured that their new upgrade offers the maximum performance, rigidity and weight reduction for the Nissan GT-R.

alcon superkit black
alcon superkit caliper

The "Super Kit" consists of advanced 400mm diameter two-piece floating front discs, which are a significant 20mm larger than the original Brembo units. Despite the considerable increase in size the Alcon discs represent a weight saving over the originals with their cast internal bell.

The larger front discs are controlled by massive 6 piston monoblock calipers machined from solid aluminium billet. These huge calipers house high coefficient pads with a sizeable increase in surface area, providing a significant improvement in performance over the standard equipment.

For the rear of the GT-R, smaller 6 piston billet calipers are mated to 385mm diameter discs, up from the standard 380mm. This maintains the correct brake bias and allows the original parking brake to remain fully functional.

Alcon's engineers worked closely with Litchfield to ensure that both front and rear upgrades fit within the stock GT-R 20" wheels, and are compatible with the factory actuation system.

Extensive high speed track testing has been conducted on the new kit with drivers commenting on the improved pedal feel and consistent stopping performance which was previously unavailable with the original setup.

alcon brake test
alcon superkit caliper

Caliper Features:

  • Machined from aerospace-grade aluminium alloy billet - higher strength to weight than die cast designs
  • Monobloc 6 piston design for high stiffness (firm pedal) with low weight
  • Piston bore sizes are staggered to ensure even pad wear
  • Pin-mounted pads provide low threshold pressure and low noise
  • Pads formulated for excellent resistance to fade at elevated temperatures
  • Strong cold performance for start up and city driving
  • Low noise
  • No additional parts are required for install this super kit to your GT-R, all brackets, fixings, braided hoses and fluid are included.

alcon superkit disc

Disc Features:

  • Two piece design featuring aerospace specification alloy bells for high strength with minimum weight
  • Discs of unique iron alloy developed by Alcon to provide an optimum combination of bite, thermal stability and durability
  • Unique crescent grooves on friction faces provide the bite usually associated with drilled discs without the attendant durability problems
  • Directional curved cooling vanes for optimum cooling performance
  • Alcon's floating disc system designed to allow thermal expansion of the disc throughout its life while minimising the tendency to judder

Click here for the Alcon Superkit brochure.