Alcon Replacement Discs - 380mm - 400mm

Our Alcon alternatives are available as either 380mm (2009/2010), 390mm (2011+) or a massive 400mm for the front.

These use the same technology as the discs found in the Super Kit but are resized to fit the OE calipers. Unlike some other kits on the market, the Alcon discs include aerospace aluminium alloy bells rather than reusing the original bell to insure perfect balance and a significant weight saving.


Disc Weight
Standard Nissan Disc 11 kg
Alcon 380mm Disc 10 kg
Alcon 400mm Disc 10.4 kg

The weight saving will help improve unsprung weight, handling and direction change. The Alcon discs are pre-assembled on their own bell so they are ready to install straight away which saves time and labour costs. As with most Alcon products, they feature the tried and tested directional curved crescents to provide optimum bite whilst maintaining stable and consistent thermal expansion.

Alcon has conducted detailed testing with their own, Litchfield supplied, GT-R to give the very best performance on both road and track.

Alcon Front Disc - 400mm

£515.00 exc VAT

£618.00 inc VAT

We can also supply Alcon replacement rotors which re-use the standard Nissan bell but with new bolts and springs. These are slightly heavier than the above Alcon options and take slightly longer to fit but are our most popular disc.

Alcon OE Replacement Front Disc - 380mm (2007-2010 Model Years)

£315.00 exc VAT

£378.00 inc VAT

Alcon OE Replacement Rear Disc - 380mm

£315.00 exc VAT

£378.00 inc VAT

Alcon OE Replacement Front Disc - 390mm (2011+ Model Years)

£315.00 exc VAT

£378.00 inc VAT

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Surface Transfrom Carbon Ceramic Replacement Discs

We first installed these discs, with Mov IT calipers, back in 2010 and they still work as well now as they did back then. Since then Surface Transforms have developed a smaller disc that allows it to be installed using the standard OE Brembo Calipers. We have installed a number of kits to customer’s cars and not only is the braking performance significantly improved but we also the steering also feels sharper with the considerably reduced rotating mass.

Disc Weight
Standard Nissan Discs 11 kg
Surface Transfrom CC Replacement Disc 6.25 kg

For customers looking for improved braking and all the weight advantages of a ceramic kit but without the need for the full power Alcon CCX kit this disc upgrade makes the perfect solution. The ST brake discs can also be refurbished up to 5 times, rather than replacing the discs, providing significantly reduced costs over the vehicle's lifetime.

ST Carbon Ceramic Discs

Supplied with  RS29 pads, with a further 3 hours labour if you would like us to fit them in our workshop

£6,830.00 exc VAT

£8,196.00 inc VAT

CS-Pro Replacement Pads

With brake pads, we recommend using a compound that is suited to your use of the car. For general road use we stock the CS-Pro pads which offer better performance than the standard OE pads and offer great value for money.

CS-Pro Front Pads

£220.00 exc VAT

£264.00 inc VAT

CS-Pro Rear Pads

£147.00 exc VAT

£176.40 inc VAT


Ferodo Replacement Pads

DS2500 is amongst the foremost high performance track day pads in the business. It offers excellent refinement for such a high performance pad. We would tend to use this pad for mainly road and light track use on a GT-R.

Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads

£330.09 exc VAT

£396.11 inc VAT

Ferodo DS2500 Rear Pads

£251.22 exc VAT

£301.46 inc VAT


Pagid Replacement Pads

For fast road/track use we carry the excellent Pagid RS29 pads which offer ultimate in performance and durability, these pads are a custom spec, providing a greater surface area to take advantage of our larger discs. The RS29 material offers stability at very high temperatures whilst providing good cold performance, long life and low disc wear. When compared to cheaper track pads currently available, which wear more quickly and reduce disc life, the Pagid RS29 are the clear choice.

Pagid RS29 Front Pads

£465.00 exc VAT

£558.00 inc VAT

Pagid RS29 Rear Pads

£285.00 exc VAT

£342.00 inc VAT