Chances are if you own a GT-R you will be familiar with the problem of refuelling it at the petrol pump, particularly on warm days or after a spirited drive. Other common symptoms include a strong smell of fuel around the car after a run, a huge rush of fuel vapours as the fuel cap is removed, an inability to refuel from a jerry can and fuel spitting back out of the filler when you are filling it at the petrol pump so that it ends up running down the side of the car. Over time, the fuel can start to eat in to the paint around the filler, so it’s not uncommon to see bubbled paint inside the filler flap.

Our solution involves removing the Nissan breather and replacing it with our own breather and catch can, invisibly mounted up inside the rear wheel arch liner. This has the effect of not allowing the pressure to build in the tank in the first place, and so all of the associated problems don’t occur and you can refuel the car with no issues. The kit can be fitted in around an hour, though requires some specialist tools so is only available to be fitted at our Tewkesbury HQ at the moment.


£175.00 exc VAT

£210.00 inc VAT