GT-R Gearbox Sump Pan

As the Nissan GT-R becomes a little older and exposed to the UK’s harsh winter road conditions we have seen many cars with badly corroded standard sumps. The normal option is to replace the corroded sump with a new replacement Nissan Sump (£250+ vat) or upgrade it to an expensive billet sump.

With the development of our gearbox oil cooler requiring our own billet sump we have been able to negotiate a large production run of billet sumps to our unique design. This has significantly reduced the price and means that our billet sump options can be a permanent solution for all customers, even without the oil cooler.

Our sump is CNC designed and produced in the UK from billet 6081 aluminium and features a number of design improvements:

  • Improved cooling thanks to thin CNC tapered fins
  • 2017+ internal fin design for improved oil control
  • CNC machining for perfect fitment
  • Designed to reuse original gearbox magnets
  • Gearbox -8AN oil cooler thread pre-machined from billet
  • Uses factory pick up
  • Resists corrosion
  • Helps strengthen cast gearbox casing
  • Complete with all fixtures and fittings

For customers looking to run the sump with our or another aftermarket oil cooler kit we have machined a -8 union into the billet. This means there are less adaptors/unions required and therefore less chance of a leak and a reduction in the cost too.

Litchfield GT-R Gearbox Sump Pan

£447.79 exc VAT

£537.35 inc VAT