(High Reving Engines)

Though the GT-R engine doesn’t suffer with oil starvation and the lubrication system is very good compared to some other cars, there is an issue with any GT-R engine above 7000rpm where the oil pressure will rapidly drop off. This is due to windage in the sump, where the crankshaft churns up the oil so much that it resembles a foam and this aerated oil does not pump smoothly so the pump is unable to maintain pressure. This only gets worse as the engine RPM increases above this level.

Though a windage tray in the sump may have fixed the issue, we took advantage of the problem by changing the sump out entirely and making it around 30mm deeper. At the same time we have dropped the pickup by the same amount so that it’s now sat in oil that isn’t affected by the action of the crankshaft. Additionally we have added two vertical baffles to limit the lateral flow of oil within the sump. The sump now holds an additional 1.5 litres of oil which has an added benefit of lower oil temperatures due to the increased thermal capacity of the system. Trimming of the undertray is necessary, but the sump does not sit below the subframe.


£495.00 exc VAT

£594.00 inc VAT