GT-R Dual-pass Radiator

The Litchfield Dual-pass Radiator for the GT-R allows for a greater cooling ability in the restricted space found in the front of the GT-R. Originally developed for track use where the engine is at high loads for long periods of time, this also has benefits on the road as there is now much less stress on the cooling system as a whole, particularly on tuned cars.

The radiator is constructed entirely from aluminium with the ‘Dual-pass’ element simply meaning that rather than the coolant flowing from top to bottom, it both enters and exits the bottom of the core, so the coolant flow path through the core is longer and the efficiency of the core is increased.

A replacement hose and clips are supplied in the kit to replace the original Nissan top hose. Additionally, a bleed screw is fitted to the top tank to better enable bleeding of the coolant system at the point its filled. It mounts in the original factory location and only requires minor modifications to the front panel.

Litchfield GT-R Dual-pass Radiator

£895.00 exc VAT

£1,074.00 inc VAT