The GT-R coolant system is quite efficient at even moderate levels of tune, but when pushed hard on track the shortcomings soon appear with the system unable to shed heat, so it gradually gets hotter and hotter. In ours and most other companies higher power builds, we use water cooled wastegates which add additional demand to the coolant system. This secondary radiator intercepts the water return between the left hand turbo and the filler at the front of the engine, as this water line runs the hottest in the engine bay, having previously been through the gearbox as well. The secondary radiator is effective in removing some of the excess heat before the coolant is drawn through the main radiator. The radiator fits neatly behind the front bumper in the space previously occupied by the washer bottle, and utilises the redundant duct on the bumper to feed cold air through the radiator. A replacement fabricated washer bottle is also supplied in the kit.


£895.00 exc VAT

£1,074.00 inc VAT