We have two different header tanks available for the R35 GT-R. The first is one of our best-selling products and has been a staple coolant system upgrade for GT-R owners for a number of years. The second is a combined coolant and breather system catch tank, usually used on high power engine builds.

Forge Motorsport Header Tank

The Forge Motorsport header tank was designed in conjunction with Litchfield to both enhance the look of the engine bay (removing the rather ugly plastic bottle) and to increase the amount of coolant in the system.

This replacement aluminium header tank fits in the stock location, with the stock bolts, uses all the stock hoses and stock radiator cap, yet adds 2 litres of extra coolant capacity inside the natural fill level of the engine i.e. you don’t have to overfill it to take advantage of the extra capacity. It features a sight glass on the side to check the coolant levels, and is internally baffled to stop the coolant moving about too much during cornering, but also to reinforce the tank.

The tank is finished in crackle black and is available for worldwide mail order.

Forge Motorsport Header Tank

£321.09 exc VAT

£385.31 inc VAT

LM Combined Header & Breather Tank

After trying out a variety of solutions, mounting different breather catch tanks in different location, we decided to create a solution that used as little space as possible in the GT-R engine bay. Locally made for us in the UK, our combined tank allows for the same volume of coolant as the Forge item, but with the addition of a breather catch tank on the rear.

The combined tank is currently only sold as part of the Litchfield breather system upgrade and, as such, is only available to be fitted here. We are not able to offer this part for mail order at the moment.

£824.60 exc VAT

£989.52 inc VAT

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LM header tank
LM header tank