The Nissan GT-R is an incredibly fast track car but with this comes increased heat in both the radiator and engine feeding charge air. Our Race Intercooler was designed back in 2014 and proven hugely popular with 200+ kits sold. It significantly enhances airflow, dramatically lowers charge air temperatures, and supports engines with up to 1,200bhp. With our ongoing dedication to innovation and leveraging years of experience, we constantly seek improvements to our products and services. This drive, combined with the latest technological advancements and our capability to now produce intercoolers in-house, inspired the creation of our new Race+ intercooler.

GT-R’s running high power levels combined with competitive driving on track were finding that both their charge temperatures and water temperatures were increasing. The Race intercooler’s design whilst a benefit of most cars could be further improved to suit these extreme uses. With this in mind our R&D team set out to design a new Intercooler core that is both compatible with the original Race pipework and use the latest techniques to maximise space and performance.

The Race+ intercooler utilises a core that is considerably thicker than its predecessor. It’s 33mm (20%) thicker than the Race Intercooler, offering an impressive 120% more volume and a 71% increase in frontal surface area over the standard intercooler. The height is designed to facilitate more airflow through the upper grill, boosting the radiator’s cooling efficiency.

Proudly manufactured in the UK by F1 suppliers, PWR, the core has been carefully designed for optimal fin spacing to maximise airflow through the core, enhancing both intercooler heat rejection and cooling air into the lower radiator. The flow is further optimised by additional ducting that directs air into the intercooler, preventing it from escaping around the sides.

The Race+ intercooler features sleek CNC end tanks that smoothly transition the air into the intercooler core. Our in-house design employs computational flow dynamics, ensuring the entire core is utilised for peak efficiency. These CNC tanks, crafted from billet aluminium, guarantee impeccable fitment and eliminate welds and joins, enhancing overall durability and sturdiness.

Each Race+ intercooler is expertly crafted by our fabrication department to the very highest standards.

Tested on track the Race+ intercooler reduces charge temperatures, elevates power output and reduces radiator temperatures. All this leads to a fast, safer Nissan GT-R

As fitted to our Green Track demonstrator and our the 2022 Time Attack Championship winning GT-R